The nails are hard or claw-like extensions of the fingers; the fingers, in turn, are extensions of the entire nervous system. The fingers are connected to body organs via nerves and nerve pathways recognized as meridians. The corresponding reflex finger-organ areas are listed as follows! thumb, Lungs; first phalange, Liver-Large Intestine; second phalange, circulatory system (Heart Governor) and sex glands; third phalange, Kidneys (Triple Heater); fourth phalange, Heart and Small Intestines.
If there is a blockage of circulation or stagnation of blood or an excess of energy in any internal or external area of the body. This deficiency or excess can simply be detected and diagnosed in extremities (hands, nails, fingers, and feet). If any individual who is trained in visual diagnosis can detect symptoms before they start to appear.
So, one of the methods to do this is to look at the fingernails, which function as a looking glass or mirror, reflecting inner physiological conditions. Pink nails indicate good blood circulation to the fingertips. Lack of blood flow to the fingertips shows up as clear white nails and is diagnosed as anemia.
If the nail thickens noticeably, it is one sign of circulatory weakness, lymph gland malfunction, or blood diseases. When a fingernail tends to become yellow, it may be an early sign of liver disease. Diabetes can be recognized by the gradual disappearance of the pink coloration of the nail.
After reading and diagnosing the fingers and nails, proper health measures and corrective eating and living habits can then be recommended to overcome the diagnosed symptoms.
The following symptoms indicate the specific conditions as noted:
Inflamed/reddish finger indicates acute or short-term illness. Hardened, rigid, and chalky white nails indicate severe and chronic or organic disease.
Wide and short fingers and nails indicate a strong yang constitution and a person who is practical, persistent, physically active, and aggressive.
Long and narrow fingers and nails indicate a yin constitution and a person who is artistic, sensitive, imaginative, delicate, with a tendency to bronchial disorders.
Extremely narrow fingers and nails denote a delicate inherited constitution and less physical energy.
Lack of half-moons indicates sodium/potassium imbalance, under active thyroid gland, weak healing power in the system, lack of circulation, and low blood pressure. It can also indicate a possible liver disorder and it is usually a yin condition caused by excessive intake of sugars, fats, juices, and raw foods. This can also be caused by an excess of meat and salt. It also indicates little or no physical exercise.
Half-moons of more than one-quarter of the nail show an overactive thyroid condition, a tendency to excessive physical and mental activity, and nervousness. Excessive intake of high-potassium (yin) foods can cause over development of the half-moons. However, in time the moons may disappear due to the extreme potassium-sodium imbalance and result in disease or poor health.
Excessive half-moons can also mean high blood pressure. On the other hand, an excessive intake of sodium (yang) foods may also cause the half-moons to disappear. Usually, a lack of raw fruits and vegetables contribute to a yang system.
Regardless of age, the half-moons should always be present; if not, the important healing and beauty mineral element, potassium, will be missing, resulting in deficiency diseases. Moreover, Yin internal conditions change into yang and yang ones change into yin (the process of biological transmutation), which is the natural order of Tao.
A healthy half-moon should be no more than one-fourth of the nail, indicating potassium/sodium balance, vital healing power in the system, mental and physical energy, and a balance between activity and rest. The Taoists teach that the normal-sized half-moon indicates freedom from chronic disease and good health. The Half moon should show on all nails.
Also, the white spots on fingernails indicate zinc, pantothenic acid, and calcium deficiency, poor protein absorption, pancreatic disorders, and insulin deficiency, kidney disease, weak stomach acids, and possible worms. Sugars and another excessive yin foods (such as dairy products, honey, tropical fruits, sodas, cakes, and candy). And substances (such as drugs, chemicals, marijuana, and alcohol) neutralize stomach acids, causing calcium and mineral deficiencies.
Therefore, nails take from six to nine months to grow from bottom to top. One can determine, by the location of the white spot, the time of high yin food intake, organ disease, and sugar in the bloodstream. Read More –  Good Health – Exercise and Nutrition
Fingers and Nails - Symptoms Indicate the Specific Conditions
Fingers and Nails – Symptoms Indicate the Specific Conditions

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