Top 5 Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture

Scotland always attracts tourists with the beauty of castles and nature, as though it comes right from a fairy tale. Thus it is a marvelous option for a memorable vacation because you won’t experience the same aesthetic pleasure elsewhere.
Of course, tourist delights have plenty to offer, including outdoors and cultural attractions. But to recharge a battery as well drown yourself in absolutely another atmosphere exploring streets full of fantastic architectural wonders. The idea of spending leisure time in Scottish cities is brilliant for sightseeing and photography lovers.
Get acquainted with the best-rated cities by reading the article and ensure that better places for walking don’t exist. Find pieces of advice for the next trip below.
Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture
Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture


A mysterious capital provides countless things to see, from mediaeval castles to frenetic nightlife and festivals. Edinburgh gives something suitable for everyone and keeps the tourists busy with its huge Scottish history grounds, entertainment in local bars, food scene, and highlands landscapes.
For a big city and extended plans, check up car hire in Scotland, and make even the shortest terms active and fruitful. The first point to attend is Royal Mile, leading from the castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse bordered by old churches, museums, and townhouses – a lesson of history just in one hike with the following shopping in souvenir boutiques or a cup of tea in an exquisite cafe. Continue hiking in the hidden gems in the courtyards and the crannies through steep stairs leading from the lane.


The sunniest city in Scotland welcomes visitors with a combination of old and new, and it hits every aspect of its life. Dundee is located half an hour from Edinburgh, so that destination may also be considered a day trip. By hiring a car, you withdraw the time frames on your schedule and travel more.
UNESCO mentioned it as the UK’s first and only City of Design. Urban planning still changes all the time, but usually, there’s something eternal, like lots of magnificent architectural sites:
  • McManus Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum.
  • Maggie’s Centre.
  • Hawkhill and Hilltown areas are keeping the spirit of the Victorian era.
Catchy breathtaking river crossings are visible from the Tay Rail Bridge, and by the way, train journeys here are the ones of the best worldwide. It would be sinful not to try it with a beloved person or family and miss the enchanting views.


Glasgow is conditionally divided into two contrasting parts, so when planning a time, count at least two days of the trip. Begin tripping the largest city in Scotland immediately from the moment you’ve arrived with Glasgow airport car rental. Choose affordability in terms of cost and transportation – Rental24H offers reasonable rates on the market and consistently strikes beneficial arrangements with customers. Take into account everything before you hire a car in Glasgow.
Citi’s historical and industrial district, The East End, shares the main charm hidden in the landmarks and must-sees. Famous Ballowrand Ballroom and People Palace will brighten the day’s first half. For a pleasant evening, visit Tennent’s Brewery; neon lights and live music raise the spirit high.
Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture
Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture


Robert Berns left a legacy that is revered not only in the literature but in the whole Ayr also. The poet is immortalized everywhere here as befits in his birthplace. Strolling the Burns’ Heritage Trail, you’ll meet a family cottage and the top-notch museum devoted to his life. By the way, it is possible to book his favorite apartments for a personal getaway; most likely, you will even catch his inspiration, observing the breathtaking scenery of the countryside.
Spend some hot summer days on Ayr Beach, a popular local place to relax. Your child will appreciate the fine sand, which is easy to shape. Other amenities include a play area, golf course, arcades, and cafe.


Touch the beauty of Scottish Highlands sung in folk poetry. Inverness is known for beautiful locations and a perfect natural environment, and obviously, worth visiting. Some national icons are nearby, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle just half an hour away. After the productive adventures on the mountain trails, rest in Eden Court Theatre and Cinema in the heart of the city. If you prefer to unwind during the shopping, the historic Victorian Market has offered a lot of fun and dining options since the 19th century. 

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Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture
Scotland Cities with Amazing Architecture


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