Five Americans Build Icehenge In The Middle Of a Frozen Lake. It may crystal structure at first look. The distant alien planet is actually a stunning effort of ice art by five Americans who come together every year to build an “Icehenge”.
Almost four years ago, Kevin Lehner, Drew McHenry, Alec Seamars, Quinn Williams, and Patrick Shields thought about something unique with ice, and then they get the novel idea of trying out some antique ice-cutting equipment to see what it was like to be an ice harvester. Their experiments led to their “Icehenge” creation. In 2014, unlucky weather conditions prevented them from finishing this project, but this year, it was built in only two weekends.
This beautiful structure can be found on Rock Lake near the city of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. The colossal pillars of ice weigh about 140 kilograms (300 pounds) each and the pieces laying on them are 90 kilograms (200 pounds) each. Several people who live around the area are really impressed by their creative ice artwork. I’m sure you’d be admiring the guy’s efforts too. You probably won’t seen this type of artwork before.
This is pretty damn amazing, thing is, that when we find something we have oodles of fun doing, it’s no longer a hobby, but a passion. I think that finding what things make us feel so creative is the very essence of a happy life.


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