Is it that True Money Can’t Buy Happiness?
You know, what is the fundamental law of attraction in the universe that guides people’s lives, and is the underlying power behind all things?
Napoleon Hill said, “We become what we think about”.
This magical truth has been mentioned in many languages and cultures.
Marcus Aurelius said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
The idea has been developed for a long time and now become a central point in many spiritual traditions.
  • “Watch your thoughts, for they become words”
  • “Watch your words, for they become actions”
  • “Watch your actions, for they become habits”
  • “Watch your habits, for they become the character”
  • “Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”
If we are to ever escape the infinite cycles of bad luck, we’ll have to change our life direction and achieve an end to our sorrows. You must find the right path that leads to the right way. Money can’t give you the right path, yes! you can find the right path with the use of money.
The law of attraction makes us feel the best. We attract those people who captivate us, often associated with an individual who we wish to emulate or become. Those are beautiful people with charming personalities and the right qualities. So, being human, we want all those qualities in ourselves. So, attraction is potent energy and often misunderstood.
The legend says the power of attraction is a fundamental interaction in nature and between people who act from a great distance. It is human nature to seek more and more things. He wants more respect, status, and a lot of money. But do you think, you can all things with money? Perhaps everybody’s answer is “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”?
Hence, why are we running after money, even though we know the fact? Everybody has enough money to meet the basic necessities of life. However, above that, all your wishes won’t bring you extra happiness. Many people reject these thoughts, it is so easy to say. Everybody has their own fate and he cannot fight with his destiny.
Two different humans have different sources of income. Both backgrounds are different, one may grow up in poverty, and, the other grew up in a well-established family. The person growing up in poverty may be making a lot of money. In many cases, health is a blessing overall wishes. So, why are we convinced having a lot of money is the major key to happiness? You don’t need to feel embarrassed about having less money.
If you look back at your childhood, you didn’t have anything except a few toys and clothes. But you enjoyed the ball, football, family, friends, and small tiny items. As time goes on, you run after money for buying unnecessary wants. Getting to fly on another private jet simply reinforced the fact that money can’t buy happiness. Getting an extremely high-paying job wasn’t fulfilling your future needs as we had wanted it’d be. Poverty sure isn’t going to help either.
As money simply can fulfill your needs but it can’t buy happiness. It comes inside not from money. If you are enjoying football, then you are lucky to play football. As many children wish to play football but they don’t play.  We aren’t the only ones that say Money Can’t Buy Happiness, but it can make you awfully comfortable while you’re being miserable. Some famous quotes really put you in deep thoughts about real happiness.
  • Money buys a house, but not a home
  • Money buys a beautiful bed, but not a sound sleep
  • Money buys an expensive watch but not the time
  • Money buys a book but not the knowledge
  • Money buys good food, but not appetite
  • Money buys a friend, but not love
  • Money buys a position, but not respect
  • Money buys blood, but not life
  • Money buys insurance but not a safety
  • Money buys medicine not a health
  • Money buys luxuries but not a culture
  • Money buys amusement but not happiness
  • Money buys obedience but not faithfulness
  • Money buys sex but not true love
So, you must understand between money and happiness for a quality life. Too many individuals realize the fact until it’s too late. If you become weaker from running after money, then no way to come back to take your health back. Money comes and goes, but memories and relationships last forever.
Many people struggled when they are growing up and it wasn’t easy. But past a certain income, extra money isn’t going to bring you sustained happiness. Those findings have also been found in studies. Obviously, having everything you want (including friends, family, money, etc.) is the best-case scenario, but if I had to pick between my loved ones or an endless supply of money, then you know what you would be the pick.
Many individuals completely agree with the idea that a lot of happiness lies in other people, mainly your family. You must be acutely aware that you have a very short window with your kids before they grow up and leave home. Some things in life are nice and fun really. But at the end of the day, they pale in comparison to the time spent with your loved ones.
Let’s suppose if someone’s kids have access to a lot of money, and therefore a lot of drugs attract him, that hurts just as much as if they don’t have any money and their kids are doing drugs. It doesn’t save you from any of that. It’s still a parent who has a child who is hurting. So not in all cases, money gives you happiness.
So, it is very imperative to develop the right attitude toward money and keep in a healthy place. But don’t lose your health for too much thinking about the right place. So, a lot of money becomes financial freedom, but not whatever you want in life.
Is that True Money Can’t Buy Happiness?
Is it that True Money Can’t Buy Happiness?
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