Privileges That Are Necessary – A heart that does not feel is a heart that does not breathe. As if happiness was a promised Eden, whose gate is keyed to the one flaw we need to address to be worthy, we battle sadness like an unwanted germ. There is no government that can guarantee the contentment of the soul, but even our Constitution attempts to ensure what no government can guarantee, happiness, while suggesting that experiencing sadness leaves us feeling empty.

Deprived in some way.

Suffering is synonymous with feeling keen, and this is no mistake. Joy and sorrow can be experienced when we feel deeply and precisely with full awareness. In order to understand our experiences, we need to be able to sense them keenly. Unless one separates hydrogen from oxygen, water cannot remain water if you dip your face into the stream when thirsty. There is no difference between a life of feeling and a life of thinking. Neither happiness nor sorrow can sustain us for the rest of our lives.
The heart uses the things we experience in the same way the lungs use the air we breathe. The ability to feel is what makes us alive. We have a right to this. The privilege of feeling keen is one of our essential privileges.
  • Tell me about the last time you were happy and what led you to it.
  • Think about the most recent time you felt sad and what led you to it.
  • In the same way that rivers merge into seas, let each quiet breath bring these feelings together.
  • You can feel your joy and sorrow merging in the depths of your being without trying to keep them separate.

    Privileges That Are Necessary
    Privileges That Are Necessary. Photo Credit – Pexels


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