Papaya Shrinks Prostate Cancer Risk by 63 percent and that’s the benefit seen by men in this study. When they ate 390 grams of papaya per week that’s half a large papaya and carries just 200 calories. How does papaya provide such health benefits? It is an extremely rich source of the three anti-cancer super nutrients beta-carotene, lycopene, and beta-cryptoxanthin.
All are well popular to decrease prostate cancer risk and breast cancer. But there are somewhat special about this fruit. Because researchers freshly discovered that our bodies absorb those vital nutrients far better from papaya. Then from other sources like carrots or tomatoes and in fact, up to 300 percent better.
But the question is how is that possible? The answer is very interesting: this wonderful fruit stores these nutrients in exclusive microcrystalline structures which greatly enhance their availability upon digestion. Papaya is also very rich in potassium, and is, therefore, one of the most alkalizing fruits available. However, it is, in fact, has nearly doubled (175%) the alkalizing power of pure lemon juice.
It is great as a smoothie all on its own added to smoothies with more than a few other fruit or vegetables, or just with yogurt on top for breakfast. This low-calorie super fruit deserves distinctive consideration as part of any healthy, fruit and vegetable-centered diet meant to improve health and reduce cancer risk.
Papaya – A Rich Source of Anti-Cancer Food
Papaya – A Rich Source of Anti-Cancer Food
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