The first question comes to our mind why is the Tree Pouring Water in Montenegro? A unique natural phenomenal video was shared by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in a village named “Dinoša”, located in southeastern Montenegro a small country on the Adriatic coast.
The mulberry tree standing in the meadow there turns into a fountain whenever it rains heavily. From a hollow on the tree, trunk water can be seen gushing abundantly. Although, actually, the rains had flooded the underground springs and the extra pressure formed pushed water up the tree trunk through cracks or hollows on the trunk until it poured out of a hole a few feet above the ground.
In the video, one can easily see, that ground is quite sloppy signifying the amount of groundwater there is in the soil and below. You can also see water gurgling out of other holes in the meadow. The entire area is flowing like a small stream. As per locals, this natural wonder is happening for more than 30 years or so. The estimated life of a tree is more than 125 years old. Whereas Montenegro’s tree fountain is certainly unique, it isn’t the only example of water gushing out of the ground after rains.
In the Estonian village of Tuhala, there is an exclusive well that starts spouting water after a heavy downpour. The well happens to be placed just over an underground river. Thus, after heavy rain water floods the river, water pressure builds to the point that it shoots up out of the well, every so often up to half a meter high.
This cycle continues last for a few days. Therefore, during this time, more than 105 liters of water can flow out every second. The local peoples say that the witches of Tuhala gather in the sauna underground and beats each other vigorously with birch branches causing water to pour out on the surface. They call it the Witch’s Well.
Tree Pouring Water
Tree Pouring Water
Source: Amusing Planet


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