Fear of freedom and the doubts it raises. Our great liberties have been questioned as to whether we have too much freedom. As the world has evolved in the golden age of peace and prosperity, there have been incidents of sunburn on the soul resulting from excessive exposure to abundance. This has led to indolence, greed, narcissism, and entitlement. However, even in politically liberated locations on Earth, such people are not truly free. It is their recurring vices that keep them caged.
Those who are afflicted by the hunger for power or money for their own sake are just that: suffering. Insatiable desires for more torment him without cause. Due to his social mask, he is always unsure of himself and his life. His deep tear inside constantly leads him to obsess over how to get more, why he doesn’t have it already, and whom he must please or become in order to achieve it. Women who are afflicted with the need for adoration cannot enjoy a moment of freedom away from their obsession with self; they are compelled to strive for youth, beauty, and acceptance in society.
Her constant desire blinds her to growth areas and alienates others. It takes away her chances of genuine self-expression and true love. An entitled person can only be miserable because they believe they should be given everything for nothing; they will never be free from immature envy and contempt for those who have more than they do.
There is no doubt that the entitled are the most caged, slaves to the grand fiction that they have any responsibility to the world. We find that even in abundant and politically “liberal” cultures, conformity is still tyrannical and accompanied by inner turmoil. We are once again brought back to the topic of personal freedom. It doesn’t matter whether the country is free in terms of politics or finances if the cause persists.
In order to avoid becoming the lazy, greedy, and narcissistic caricatures of modern mankind, we must always free ourselves from the social pressures and vanities of the modern world. So that we can authentically express ourselves and joyously pursue what we desire, we will always need to work toward self-mastery and social prowess. We should focus on that.
Fear of Freedom and the Doubts it Raises
Fear of Freedom and the Doubts it Raises. Photo Credit – Pexels


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