Shahareh Bridge – A Yemeni Architectural Masterpiece

Shahareh Bridge – A Yemeni Architectural Masterpiece – Shahareh also called Shehara is actually a large mountain village and seat of Shaharah, almost 90 km to the northeast of the ‘Amran Governorate, Yemen. The village lies at 2600 meters and overlooks mountainous bulging swells to the south and shimmering hot plains to the north.
The village, which lies on top of a sharp mountain of the same name, Jabal Shaharah, comprises numerous ancient stone houses and a cistern. The area is popular due to its limestone arch bridge, constructed in the 17th century by a local lord to link two villages (Shahara and Al-Madan) across a deep gorge. It can be reached through the city of South.
Shahara is the administrative center of the district and the city is situated on the converging mountains; the eastern and the western are recognized as “Shaharat Al-Feish” and “Shaharat Al-Amir”, each is over 3000 meters above sea level. Hence, traveling between the two mountains used to need a lot of time and effort due to the uneven roads and precipitous terrain. The bridge was built in 1323 A.H, 1905 AD during Imam Yahia Bin Hameededdein’s regime of the Ottoman Turkish period.
The Shahareh Bridge is considered to be one of the most significant Yemeni architectural masterpieces and great geometric work, with lovely innovations with the existence of a paved stone road in the western mountain starting from the bridge and traveling upwards. Moreover, due to the declivity of rocks, the architect was forced to design arches and erect the paved way that was built on them.
Every year myriads tourists come to see this famous Bridge of Sighs and admire the engineering efforts. The bridge can be reached by climbing many terraced slopes or, selecting the path of least resistance, by hiring a local fella’ and his pick-up truck to carry you up.
Therefore, the view from Shahareh Bridge is really awesome, as on both sides of the bridge the mountains parted and revealed a glimpse of the massive valley. Many legends believe that the local people can eliminate the bridge in a few minutes in case of any forthcoming danger. No doubt it is a frightening bridge and a prevalent tourist attraction. The local residents still cross it often as a part of their daily routine work.
However, the manufacturing mastermind of this bridge can be reached by climbing the numerous stepped slopes or, selecting the path of least resistance, by accompanying a local guide with you.
Shahareh Bridge
Shahareh Bridge
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