Spitbank Fort Hotel: A private owner invested £3 million to transform Spitbank Military Fort into a high-class luxury island retreat. Spitbank is located approximately a mile away from the coast of Portsmouth in Hampshire, United Kingdom. The gorgeous Spitbank Fort Hotel provides nine guest rooms that are nothing short of expensive, along with three beautiful restaurants that come with bars, a library, hot rooftops, sun decks, and a sauna.
The unique idea consists of several original features from the fort that have been retained, such as the exposed brick walls, original fortress windows, and a few cannons as well. Those visiting the Fort Hotel are met at Gosport and then taken to the hotel by private boat. Therefore, the second approach is to fly to No Man’s Land Fort—Big Brother—to the Spitbank and then take a boat ride lasting 10 minutes to reach the extravagant hotel.
The Spitbank Fort provides a twilight dinner and a delicious Sunday lunch, both of which are experiences that you will never forget. The fort can be hired in private as well for sailing weekends, parties, and weddings. But you must keep in mind that the stay at the hotel is extremely expensive, with the per-head cost being £350.
Spitbank Fort
Spitbank Fort
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