Creative Furniture Designed to Store the Bike in Rack to Save Space in Small Apartments. These days, one of the real challenges of riding a bike in a city doesn’t happen on the streets, but in your home. Therefore finding a proper place to store your bicycle is a big issue for those who lack sufficient square footage.
You know, in a studio apartment that only fits a bed, desk, and bookshelf, the bike swiftly becomes an obstacle. Though wall mounts are a solution for some, Chilean designer “Manuel Rossel” has come up with another solution to this problem furniture that doubles as a bicycle rack.
Manuel Rossel has made bookcases, sideboards, and a couch with wheels in mind. Every piece has a groove that balances the bicycle, permitting you to instantaneously display books, shoes, and other knick-knacks. Hence, without the bike, the furniture still looks remarkable, and it stands on its own as a sleek and modern design.
Moreover, there’s another advantage to having your bike on constant display and easily accessible you might be more to be expected to ride it. The designer predicts his creations as anti-sedentary furniture by inspiring folks to get out of their cars. Moreover, the best idea behind the creation is to inspire people who drives to lose all the benefits of physical activity.
Hence riding biking also leads to economic savings and relieves the decongestion and decontamination of cities. Presently, Rossel’s designs are only available in Chile, but he hopes to start shipping internationally soon.
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Bike in Rack to Save Space
Bike in Rack to Save Space
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Source: My Modernmet


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