The gifted craftsman “Tez Gelmir” built his daughter an extremely rocking horse that’s fit for an intergalactic princess. Although, I have built lots of projects for my son, but for my daughter’s first birthday coming up I felt it was her turn now to prepare some unique project love and what better way than with her own “Speeder Bike”?! Tez Gelmir wrote on Instructables? This exclusive venture was inspired by the “74-Z Speeder Bike” that’s famous for its appearance in the 1983 movie Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. On Instructables, Gelmir has share and recorded the whole process with step-by-step instructions. If you want to make such gift for your beloved daughter then have some plywood, PVC tubing, screws, bolts, and a 3D printer, you too can create the same kid-friendly design for any deserving Star Wars fan.Source: My Modernmet

Bike1 Bike2
Bike3 Bike4 Bike5
Bike6 Bike7 Bike8
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