Survival Hiking Tips – Every Hiker Needs To Know

Survival Hiking Tips – Every Hiker Needs To Know

If you plan to hike a little soon. Then it’s a great idea, and it’s a good way to exercise, to shove your limits, and the connect with nature. But like all outdoor activities, there will be its share of great risks: bad weather, wild animals, poisonous plants, and so on many things. So, if you do not go out and make yourself at home, dust off these Hiking Tips for safety purposes.

Tell Your Nearest People Where You are Going

The first Hiking Tips is to mention, when you would be expecting to be back, whether going alone or in groups. In case you do not because you are hurt or lost, somebody will notice, and search parties sent immediately. It will actually help if they know where you came from, there is plenty of nature there, and once you find.

Respect the Nature

If you were hoping for a sunny weekend of hiking, but it means that there is a thunderstorm, may postpone your trip. Nature does not think about ruining your weekend, he does not think about if you get hurt or make it at home. Keep remembering that turning back is not an admitting defeat, it is respect for nature while enjoying.

And the Right Gear

A small pocket knife, compass, and a map to make sure you know how to use them are at the top of the list. I exactly remember a first aid kit, matches or lighters, and the abundance of food and water. If you are hiking in cold weather, wearing warm clothing is absolutely necessary like women’s winter hiking pants. If you are at night, bring what you need for camping and so on.

Beware of Wild Animals

Another Hiking Tips is to the most excellent parts of the faces of the nature of the creatures that share the planet with humans. To be remembered, they are called wild animals for a reason. Bear attacks are rarer than you imagine but still, come about. And just because it hits the wisdom of an animal as safe exercise, mountain goats have even killed the hikers on occasion.

Suppose you have got lost

Make a Plan and Stick

It is easy to fright when you see neither you nor anyone else knows where you are. But the most vital thing is to stay calm, work as anticipated, which will help the rescue team to find you. Sit back and relax don’t take any tension. Well, you decide if you are going to get food or water, build protection or fire the first signal, and then stay the course.

Try to Remain Visible

Doing all the work of all those who want the easiest possible way. If you have some brightly colored clothing, so to speak. Stay open, high. Call the whistle at regular intervals, that is very necessary.

Distress Signals

In addition to staying, try to signal your location to possible rescuers. One more impotent thing, build a fire where it will be easily visible and will not start a wildfire. The weak signal field will be able to be seen from the air. Skip the typical “Help” for three symbols in a triangle symbol wild international distress.

And be Motivated, don’t be Afraid

If you are Bear Grylls himself, you will sense the pangs of fear together so do not let your emotions control, keep your head, and think clearly and quickly. In its place, use that fear and adrenaline to stimulate yourself to do whatever must be done. If you can do this, you will be moving rapidly and professionally, rather than running around like a chicken head cut off

Find water

If you find that a one-day hike has become an open situation, you need to find some extra water. Do not waste your time in searching for any edible berries not even what to eat in a crisis is a good call, you can even go for months without eating but be reminded only three days without drinking.
I do not be familiar with where to look for water: the dew on the plants, trees, bananas, and plantains, and tropical vines are good starting points. But be sure to spotless all water before drinking, cleaning tablets, filter, or boiling it.

Build a shelter

If you are really missing, it is expected that it takes a little ‘time to find. Making a secluded spend the night should be the main concern. And to defend from rain, wind, snow, insects, and the sun during the day. It does not need to be large, just big adequate for you.
No matter the time of day temperature, it can get cold at night. Insulate the shield in leaves, grass, and even snow, and isolate yourself. So, these are very important Hiking Tips you should follow before making any plan. 
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