In Java, Indonesia, and particularly Sumatra, the forming process of volcanoes is a result of the crust crash of the Indian Ocean and the crust of the Asia continent. The Java Indonesia volcano in southern Indonesia formed after an encounter or crash of Australian and Eurasian plates. The volcanoes on the north side of Java formed due to crashes between the Pacific and Eurasian plates.
This gigantic plate keeps moving all the time. Each crash or two, affects the volcanic activity sideways this plate’s line. Regularly, the tectonic earthquake that results from the moving of plates causes volcanic earthquakes inside the earth. It can be merely explained that the friction between high-heated stones, can trigger the escalating of liquid energy inside the earth, in the form of gas, magma, and steam.
This intensifying energy is now called volcano activity. Like the Geographical condition of java, Java Island is basically completely of volcanic origin; it comprises 33 active volcanoes and numerous active volcanoes in Java Island. Each of them keeps both sad and wonderful stories at once.
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