“People in recovery have a lot more to worry about than whether they’ve got a drug problem or not.” – Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Addiction is like any other disease. It has symptoms, and if you’re watching for them, you can catch them before it takes hold. But it’s also very difficult to recognize the signs of addiction without being an addict yourself.
A relapse is just a symptom that you’re backsliding again. The good news is that most people who relapse do recover from their addictions once they realize what’s happening. That means plenty of warning signals indicate when someone is on the verge of falling off the wagon.
Warning Signs for a Relapse
Warning Signs for a Relapse – Addiction is like any other disease. It has symptoms, and if you’re watching for them, you can catch them before it takes hold. 
What Can You Do if You Are Relapsing
If you’ve been clean for a while, but you start experiencing some of these symptoms, then it could mean that you’re starting to slip back into your old ways.
If this happens, don’t panic; instead, act!
Many resources can help you get back on track with your recovery and stay clean. We recommend reaching out to a local support group because they will know exactly how to treat you. Your friends and family might not understand what’s going on, but support groups always do. And remember: you didn’t fall off the wagon; it was never really tied down in the first place. Delphi Health Group has a strong history of helping people overcome their addictions, so give us a call today to find out more information.

Here Are 12 Warning Signs You’re Relapsing

  1. You Feel Like You Need Drugs

The best way to tell if you’re relapsing is by asking yourself one simple question: “Do I feel like I need drugs?” Some people may say yes but aren’t addicted. Others might say no but truly are. Either way, you need to figure out which camp you belong to. The only way to do that is to ask yourself this question and pay close attention to your answer.
  1. You Keep Using Even After Making Mistakes

Let’s say you keep using even after getting caught in a lie or making a mistake at work. Or maybe you keep using it even after receiving bad grades at school or losing your job. Now, you might think that you’ll stop using drugs immediately every time something like this happens. But did you? Did you make sure to avoid your dealer for a week straight? Or did you forget about it until the next time you had cash? To get clean, you need to let go of all the excuses you use to justify your drug use. If you want to quit, you need to change your thinking and acting. You need to replace your old ways with new ones.
  1. You Think About Drug Use All Of The Time

Are you constantly thinking about taking drugs? Are you counting the days until your next high? Is it becoming the main focus of your life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re probably struggling with addiction. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to seek help. You won’t regret it.
  1. You Spend Money You Don’t Have On Drugs

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point. If you’re spending money you don’t have on drugs, you should know that you’re heading down an unhealthy path. If you’re spending money on drugs, you might be able to afford them right now, but eventually, you’re going to run out. When that happens, you’ll have to resort to stealing, or worse yet, turning to crime to fund your habit. This isn’t a path anyone wants to take.
  1. You Hide Your Drug Use From Everyone

Maybe you used drugs as part of your daily routine, and you never hid your habits from your loved ones. Then again, maybe you did hide it. Either way, it’s easy to see why hiding your drug use is a sign of a problem. Most addicts don’t like to talk about their problems. It feels too embarrassing or makes them seem weak. So, if you’re ashamed of your addiction, it’s time to get over it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery.
  1. Your Friends & Family Members Say That You Need Help

According to Abbey Care Foundation, being alcoholic often breaks family relationships due to unmanageable behaviors. Friends and family members often notice when we’re slipping up. They know that we have a problem long before realizing it ourselves. If your friends or family members tell you that you need help, it’s important to listen to them. They may not understand the details, but they still care about you. And they have to try hard to avoid saying anything because they know that if you hear it from someone else, it might hit home.
  1. You Go Through Bouts Of Moodiness

Are you moody all of the time lately? If so, then you’re probably slipping back into your old habits. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause serious changes in your brain chemistry. This causes mental and physical issues, such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia. You shouldn’t be affected by these things, and neither should you act this way. But sometimes, it’s all too much to handle.
  1. You Start Avoiding Certain Activities

Have you started avoiding certain activities? Maybe you stopped going to your favorite hangout spots, or you’ve stopped playing sports with your friends. Whatever the case may be, you’re likely avoiding these activities because they remind you of your past. If you can relate, then it’s time to quit. You need to find a new hobby and make new friends.
  1. You Rely On Drugs To Make You Happy

Did you ever feel like drugs were the source of your happiness? Do you think that everything would be okay if you could score? If so, then you’re fooling yourself. Drugs aren’t supposed to make you happy. They’re meant to numb your emotions. Sometimes they even bring about feelings of euphoria. But this will only last a short while. Once the drugs wear off, you’ll start feeling depressed and anxious once more.
  1. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

How often do you think about drugs? How often do you think about your next fix or how to get some? These are all signs of addiction. If you can’t stop thinking about drugs, then it’s clear that you’ve become obsessed with them. And to get clean, you need to stop thinking about them entirely.
  1. You’re Taking More Than One Kind Of Drug At A Time

Do you mix drugs? Well, you might want to reconsider. Mixing drugs can create unpredictable side effects, such as hallucinations and death. Plus, mixing different drugs can also lead to overdose. If you’re mixing drugs, then it’s time to change your ways.
  1. You Keep Trying To Quit

Everyone tries to quit at least once or twice. But if you keep trying, then it means that you want to quit for good. That’s great! If you can’t beat this addiction on your own, then it’s time to get help. There are plenty of options available today, including rehab and 12-step programs. Find one that fits your needs and stick with it.

Final Words

Drugs and alcohol are extremely addictive substances. If you’re addicted to either one, you need to seek professional help immediately. Even if you’re not, you should still consider quitting. Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide every year. It’s a huge problem that can ruin lives, and there’s no reason to suffer through it alone.
If you’ve been struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of others have beaten it too. The key to beating it is recognizing its symptoms early. If you can do that, you’ll have a better chance of getting clean and staying that way.


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