30 Unique Animals Facts

In the modern world, everyone fascinates with animal behaviors. Many of you may not know some interesting Animals Facts. On social media, animal videos go viral like wildfire. On our planet earth, every animal is unique and has special characteristics which most of them are not known. Nature and animals’ unusual behavior has close relations. Without animals, our planet cannot be complete. Here we will observe 16 unique Animals Facts you perhaps don’t know or even not studied in school or college.
  1. Do you know where the shrimp heart is? Is it appealing? So, the shrimp’s heart is located at their head.
  2. Do you know how many years a snail can sleep? So, increase your knowledge that a snail can sleep for three years.
  3. Why the fingerprints of Koala are distinct? Because, Koala fingerprints are indistinguishable from humans, as on several occasions it’s been confused at a crime scene.
  4. How many noses a slug has? Normally, a slug has four noses.
  5. Do you know which animal can’t jump? Well, is it difficult? So, think twice, because elephants can’t jump due to massive body weight.
  6. To whom, rhinoceros’ horn make off? A rhinoceros’ horn is made of hair.
  7. Can you hypnotize a frog? Yes, you can, it is possible to hypnotize a frog by placing him on its back and softly stroking its stomach, like pampering a baby.
  8. How many weeks a sloth takes to digest the food. Therefore, a sloth takes two weeks to digest the food.
  9. It is fascinating to know, that 3 % of Ice in Antarctica Glaciers is penguin Urine.
  10. It is believed, a crow can give two hundred thousand of milk in his entire life.
  11. Bats have the habit to turn left when they come out of the cave.
  12. Do you know Giraffes have any vocal cords? Interestingly, they have no vocal cords.
  13. Do you know which animal can’t fart? That is fascinating. So, keep in mind only Kangaroo can’t fart.
  14. Which animal’s eyes are bigger than its brain? The ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain.
  15. Approximately 50 % of orangutans’ bones are fractured due to falling from a tree.
  16. Do you know which animals cannot vomit? So, a frog cannot vomit.
  17. Which animals can catch colds like a human? Hence, a Gorilla can catch colds and other illnesses like a human.
  18. A newborn Chinese water deer is so small, that it can take on the human palm.
  19. Is there any animal that can be run like a Horse? An ostrich can run even faster than a horse.
  20. A wild lion normally has 20 kills in a year.
  21. The world’s smallest dog is the Yorkshire Terrier, which weight is just four ounces.
  22. Normally dogs’ eyesight is better than humans’.
  23. It is interesting to know that Deer has no gallbladders.
  24. Snakes only eat animals, as they are carnivores, and their food is consisting of small insects, frogs, birds, and other small mammals.
  25. Which is the only mammal who can fly? So, Bat is the only mammal that can fly.
  26. A Tarantula spider can live two years without food.
  27. Almost one million ants for each human.
  28. A goldfish becomes pale if keep in a dark room.
  29. A cow can sleep in the standing position; however, if he has two dreams, then he has to lie down.
  30. An alligator lives 35 to 50 years.

    In the modern world, everyone fascinates with animal behaviors. Many of you may not know some interesting Animals Facts.
    In the modern world, everyone fascinates with animal behaviors. Many of you may not know some captivating Animals Facts.
I hope you enjoy the appealing animal’s facts which you don’t know before that.
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