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Butterfly Valley Fethiye Turkey

Butterfly Valley is located about 15 kilometers south of Ölüdeniz and 30 kilometers south of Fethiye. The Butterfly Valley is protected by the World...
Climate change affects the patterns of migration.

The Migration of Monarch Butterflies

The migration of monarch butterflies is the world's rarest phenomenon. On the Mexican mountains, orange, and black monarch butterflies gather in countless numbers. They...

Butterfly Classification – How are They Named?

Most Butterfly Classification has an English name and all have a Latin one. Their scientific label is derived from the “Binomial” system which was...
The Evolution of Butterflies

The Evolution of Butterflies

The Evolution of Butterflies - The story of butterfly evolution is incomplete; butterflies are inherently so delicate that their remains are very rarely preserved...
This strange-looking beast is the larva of the Purple Hairstreak butterfly. You can see how effectively it hides amongst the twigs pretending to be an innocuous leaf bud.

12 Images to Understand the Butterfly Life Cycle

I - All butterflies go through the same basic Butterfly Life Cycle. The eggs of a butterfly, when seen up close, are very intricately...

A Butterfly as Pests

A butterfly as pests causing concern in Europe is the Geranium Bronze (Cacyreus Marshalli) which is in the family Lycaenidae. Originally from South Africa,...

Make Your Own Butterfly Garden

One of the most popular ways of assisting with butterfly conservation is by planting lots of suitable food plants in the Butterfly Garden. The...
A male and female common earwig (Forficula auricularia) is on a chrysanthemum flower.

The Family Life Cycle of Earwig

The Life Cycle of Earwig is immediately identifiable by the pincer-like forceps at the end of the body. The female is unusual among insects...

Petaloudes – The Valley of Butterflies

Petaloudes in Switzerland well known as the Valley of Butterflies is located on the western side of the Greek island of Rhodes, almost 25...

The Butterfly Winter Sleepers

For the majority of butterfly winter sleepers, the cold weather of winter poses a major problem for many creatures. The peacock, small tortoiseshell, and...
Bees and wasps are two of the insects most beneficial to human beings.

Destroying Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps are two of the insects most beneficial to human beings. Normally, bees produce honey and wax and serve as imperative pollinators....
The Ant lift a paving slab or turn over a large stone in the garden, and the chances are that you will find a colony of black garden ants.

The Black Garden Ant

The Black Garden Ant lifts a paving slab or turns over a large stone in the garden, and the chances are that you will...
How to Keep and Rear Butterflies? Butterflies can be easy to raise from egg to adult, or they can be next to impossible, depending on the species.

How to Keep and Rear Butterflies?

How to Keep and Rear Butterflies? Butterflies can be easy to raise from egg to adult, or they can be next to impossible, depending...
The housefly is unpopular since it deposits dangerous germs on food. The cockchafer and its larvae do great damage to plants.

The Relationship between Insects and Man

The relationship between Insects and Man is one of wariness a strange situation. There are as many benefits to be gained from insects as...
7 -spot ladybirds mating. The male is the one on top externally male and female ladybirds look alike.

The Bright Coloring Ladybirds Insects

Ladybirds Insects are always popular for their bright coloring, are also one of the few insects welcome in the garden for the work they...

The Bagworm Moth Caterpillar builds Log House like Cocoon

This article talks about the bagworm moth caterpillar, which builds a cocoon around itself that looks like a log. The bagworm moth is a...

Tawny Mining Bee “Andrena fulva”

BODY LENGTH The Female Tawny Mining Bee length is about 0.39–0.55 in (10–14 mm). However, the Male length is about 0.39–0.55 in. (10–14 mm) FOOD PLANTS Tawny...
largest butterfly

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing – Worlds Largest Butterfly

The Queen Alexander Birdwing Butterfly is the largest butterfly in the world with its wingspan spread up to an astonishing 25 to 28 cm....
The Western Swallowtail has two summer generations, with the second generation emerging in the fall. The second generation migrates to Mexico and Central America when winter approaches.

Western Swallowtail Butterfly – Who Knew a Butterfly Could Be So Colorful?

Western Swallowtail Butterfly Facts The Western Swallowtail butterfly is a beautiful butterfly that has been spotted in North America. In two years, it has spread...
There is an orange discal band at the base of the forewing and a black apex with a deep blue apex when the wings are open.

Kallima inachus – Perfect Camouflage Butterfly Seems Dead Leaf when Wings are Closed

Kallima inachus butterfly is found throughout tropical Asia from India to Japan. Where it is known by different names, i.e., orange oakleaf, Indian oakleaf,...
Breathtaking Golden Jewel Scarabs Beetles

The Breathtaking Golden Jewel Scarabs Beetles

Breathtaking Golden Jewel Scarabs Beetles A genus of brightly colored, often metallic iridescent jewel scarabs, Chrysina is found from the southwestern edge of the United...
Basic Equipment for Collecting Insects

Basic Equipment for Collecting Insects

This blog post is all about the 12 ideas of Basic Equipment for Collecting Insects Aerial Net - It can also be used as...
Ancient Bees hunting and keeping

Honey Hunting and Beekeeping

Ancient Honey Hunting and Beekeeping Honey would have been found in bees' nests high in the trees during early human hunter-gatherer lifestyles in which they...
Bee Groups

The Different Bee Groups

Different Bee Groups More than a hundred million years ago, there was an abundance of flowering plants throughout the world, giving vegetarian wasps called bees...
So, let's dive into the hive of interesting facts about bumblebees that will leave you buzzing with excitement!

Fascinating Facts About Bumblebees: Everything You Need to Know

11 Interesting Facts About Bumblebees You Would Love to Know Bzzzzz! Attention all nature enthusiasts and bee lovers! Today, we're buzzing about one of the...