These days, every fat person wants to know How to Figure Out Ideal Body Weight? The whole concept of ideal weight isn’t very useful. What’s your dream weight? Since the number on the scale doesn’t tell you all that much about your health. And your fitness or even your svelteness. Most peoples have some numbers tucked away in your brain.
Then maybe you have started a program to achieve your goal. But the question is how did you come up with that numbers? For better clues about whether you need to slim down. Consider your body fat percentage, body mass index, and waist circumference, and health factors such as your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Although each of these measures has its flaws. You can tell a lot about your weight and health by taking them all into consideration. Also, a new diet plan comes into your mind metabolism-boosting pill, an exercise device, and a workout regimen you come across. Indeed there’s no shortage of exaggerations and misconceptions floating around the media and the gym, and there is plenty of conflicting advice as well.
Most of us embark on weight loss plans without considering one key question. Is my goal weight realistic for my body?
However, so knowing the right answer may save you a huge amount of frustration. You may have some weight that in your mind triggers thoughts like, Uh-oh I’m getting fat or Oh-no, I’m headed for a heart attack. But assessing our plumpness or your risk for obesity-related diseases is not a simple as stepping on a scale.
For one thing, your weight doesn’t reveal how much of your body consists of fat. Which opposed saying muscle, bones, blood, and organs. We dispel some persistent myths about cellulite and fat cells and offer up compelling statistics about obesity rates over the years and around the world
Its body fat, not total body weight that plays a significant role in disease risk. Hence, a very rough way to estimate whether you have too much fat is to determine your body mass index. However, neither your BMI (Body Mass Index) nor your body fat parentage tells you anything about the location of your body fat a more important indicator of disease risk than total fat.
Fat in the abdominal region clumped around our internal organs. It poses a more serious threat than fat in your hips and thighs. In fact, research suggests saddlebags may even offer some protection against cardiovascular diseases.
If you are women, then a waist measurement over 35 inches puts you at greater health risk. For men, the critical number is 40 inches. Thus, you need to consider other clues that may put your health at risk. It includes high blood pressure, high levels of LDL Cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), low levels of HDL (The good cholesterol), high triglycerides (fat in your bloodstream), high blood glucose levels, physical inactivity, a family history of premature heart disease, and cigarette smoking.
So, your scale weight may give you a rough sense of whether you are heading in a healthy or unhealthy direction. But it’s important to consider the whole picture. If one measure is out of whack but the others are in the healthy range, you are perhaps okay. If several are on the high side, that’s an indication you need to make some lifestyle changes.
Your physician can help you put each measure in perspective and assess your risk for developing obesity-related diseases. So the more you know about your body the more equipped you are to improve it. Whatever you do that you must be confident of one thing you’re getting the fat-free truth.
Everyone wants to keep their stomach flat. Abdominal exercises are the most common way to achieve this, but there are other ways.
+ Here is the list of some effective methods for achieving a flat stomach:
  • Use an ab roller or abdominal wheel
  • Get on a stability ball and do crunches
  • Wear a compression shirt for men or women
  • Drink green tea or water
  • A healthier diet
above all, if you can’t do exercise, then you can use Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic, a new type of 20 seconds Japanese tonic which helps men and women to reduce weight fast. Moreover, What could be the best choice to reduce belly fat and keep it at bay? You might want to consider adding these five foods into your diet.
Fat is a necessary nutrient in our diet – fat cells are responsible for the storage and release of many different hormones such as insulin. However, there is a limit to how much we need at any given time. The average person needs about 25-35% of their daily calorie intake from fat sources. The only way to keep the body’s fat content under control is by reducing the number of calories consumed and increasing physical activity.
These days, every fat person wants to know How to Figure Out Ideal Body Weight? The whole concept of ideal weight isn’t very useful.
These days, every fat person wants to know How to Figure Out Ideal Body Weight? The whole concept of ideal weight isn’t very useful.
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