Well, by seeing the stunning picture of Iceland’s Staggering Blue Ice Cave, you must feel that this is out of this world, where no two days are ever the same. Iceland is the incredible, changing landscape of one of the world’s most beautiful countries.
Explorer Helen Björnsdóttir, who is from Reykjavik, works as an ice cave expert, assessing the safety of the caves before leading tourists inside but also taking stunning photos herself. Therefore, she has exposed these photographs of the caves that never look the same two days in a row. She said, What attracts me to ice caves is how unique they are. The feeling of entering the glacier and being surrounded by the ice is incredible.
The blue colors and ever-changing forms and shapes of the ice caves also astonished me. Moreover, you enter an ice cave, and you know that it will not be there next year, and you have new ice caves to explore.
Further, before I moved here, I had no interest in photography, but when I became an ice cave guide, I just couldn’t resist taking pictures. For me, it’s quite a complicated art. Although the ice caves are very dangerous, there’s often a lot of work to be done before we can take travelers near them, like chipping the thin ice away from the ceilings.
Moreover, we have also had to move boulders from the glacier above the entrance to make sure they don’t roll down and block us in. We’ve got to do this every day. Just because a cave is safe one day doesn’t mean that it will be safe the next. The way the water melts can make a cave very unsafe very fast. It is highly advised to visit the mesmerizing blue ice cave.
Source: Dailymail
Blue Ice Cave
Blue Ice Cave
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