The hyperboloid shape of the structure is called Jested Tower a 94-meter-tall television transmitter and hotel integrated into one, built on the top of Ještěd Mountain near Liberec in the Czech Republic. It was designed by architect Karel Hubáček who received the Perret´s Prize of the International Union of Architects for it.
It naturally extends the silhouette of the hill as well as resists the severe climate conditions on the top of the hill. In the Tower’s lower sections it houses a hotel and a tower restaurant. It was well built in the middle of the 1960s. The tower and the mountain are situated approximately 6 kilometers from the center of Liberec and serve as a leading attraction in the city.
The monument is accessible by cable car & by road from the foot of the mountain. The hyperboloid shape tower consists of two concentric tubes of varying heights in diameters of 5m and 13m, on which individual floors are suspended on a steel structure, starting with the third story above ground. 
On the outer perimeter of the first floor, a glazed gallery opens directly tied into a spiral access ramp. An internal annulus of the first floor forms the entrance hall and reception to the hotel, which is liberated by a suspended staircase leading to an observation restaurant on the second floor.
The next two floors, clad in aluminum, are used for accommodation. And on the 3rd floor are 14 hotel rooms for a total of 56 guests. On the 4th floor fixed for the rooms for employees of the transmitter and the hotel and two three-roomed flats. However; the area of the 5th to 7th floors is set aside for the aerials of the transmitting technology.
There is especially developed laminated cladding, against extreme weather conditions, in the shape of a revolving hyperboloid. On the 7th and 8th floors, there is a tank for drinking water and a battery-operated backup power supply. The ninth floor contains the lift plant room. Above is a unique pendulum installed, whose movement absorbs the transverse oscillation of the tower?
Jested Tower is a unique piece of architecture in Europe, Jested-Kozakov ridge, Liberec, Czech Republic. A variety of cycling and hiking possibilities are available in the near vicinity. Babylon Water Park is 10 km away, while the Zoo and the Botanical Garden are 15 kilometers away.
Jested Tower Hotel in Czech Republic 13
Jested Tower Hotel in Czech Republic
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