Laja Falls or Salto del Laja Waterfall

The Laja Falls or in Spanish it is called Salto del Laja actually is a waterfall located in the Laja River in southcentral Chile. The place lies next to the old Pan-American Highway, between the cities of Los Ángeles and Chillán. The waterfalls of the Laja River have formed a narrow canyon and the surroundings of the waterfall are much commercialized.
Laja Falls contains four horseshoe-shaped falls one on each arm of the Laja River, and the tallest is 35 m and the easternmost fall, but the western falls are 20 m tall. The total width of all four falls approximately 455 m. In the summer the Salto del Laja chutes originate abundant foam that, by the effect of the solar rays, produces uncountable rainbows. The surrounding landscape is composed of the vegetation of the steppe type, which complements its beauty.
It is a unique panoramic sight that offers an almost complete view of the entire waterfall. While the other falls, though smaller, preserve the fierceness of these waters intact and entice visitors to shoot various photographs. Downstream, a group of motorboats invites tourists to come close to the falls. A distinctive tour for the most adventurous which is well protected with all safety measures so as to avoid any risks.
This is only about freshening up for a few moments. Another feature of Laja Falls is providing accommodation options which include inns and cabins that invite tourists to stay and see the surroundings of this attractive spot. They can practice adventure sports such as river rafting, horseback riding, swimming, and hiking and, photograph these spectacular waterfalls.
In 1756 the place has been a center of disputes and conquests and, obviously, one of the natural boundaries of the territories famous as Laja Island. The main waterfall, which may be appreciated from the bridge on the road, is the highest fall and most scenically appears in all postcards and photographs.
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