Latefossen is also pronounced like Lotefossen, maybe the most popular and melodramatic of the waterfalls in Oddadalen (the Odda Valley). Though, almost all the waterfalls that existed in the Oddadalen were remarkable. However, you must try to keep your camera lens dry while attempting to take a clean, all-encompassing photo of it, given the nearly constant mist being thrown in our direction.
The car parking opposite the bridge is completed in 1859 a little downstream of the base of the falls! The falls were also said to be part of the protected Opo Watershed, so its year-round flow and existence would be assured. By the way, this protected watershed also allowed Oddadal Valley’s numerous other waterfalls to persist as well. Låtefossen is the king among all waterfalls and an internationally famous attraction.
The forceful flow came from the lake Lotevatnet, which itself drained much larger lakes in the highlands of the vast Hardanger Plateau. The waterfall has a different name, called Skarsfossen, while the more northern waterfall was supposed to have the name Låtefossen.
The direction of Latefossen Waterfall is on the southern part of Odda Valley (aka the Valley of Waterfalls) along the Rv13 about 15 kilometers south of Odda and 3 km north of the E134/Rv13 junction by Skarre. It’s about 350 m north of Espelandsfossen and roughly 7 kilometers south of Vidfoss.
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