Mount Morgan in Mono County California

In the Sherwin Range of the Sierra Nevada, Mount Morgan is the highest point on Nevahbe Ridge. Between McGee Canyon and Hilton Lakes, it lies in Mono County, California. Located in the John Muir Wilderness Area of the Inyo National Forest, Mount Morgan Nh is part of the John Muir Wilderness Area.
Mount Morgan has an alpine climate zone, according to the Köppen climate classification system. Sierra Nevada mountains are typically affected by weather fronts that originate in the Pacific Ocean. The force of orographic lift produced by the mountains causes precipitation in fronts to be released into the range as they approach.
Summit of Mount Morgan on the end to left.
The summit of Mount Morgan is on the left. Photo credit: Ken Lund
All months with average temperatures below 22 °C (71.6 °F) and at least four months with temperatures above 10 °C (50 °F) have been colder than 0 °C (32 °F). The most popular destinations in Mono County include Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake, Crowley Lake, Bridgeport, and Lee Vining. Mount Morgan is ideal for climbing in the summer months. If you plan to attempt this in the winter, make sure the snow conditions are decent. When properly prepared, this peak can be climbed all year. It seems like there are also a few nice-looking chutes to ride that aren’t that difficult to access.
About 15 minutes from Mammoth Lakes, this gigantic ridge overlooks Crowley Lake on Highway 395. Because it seems like so few people climb it, it is such a magnificent peak. The Davis Lake route from Southeast Slope is rated class 2. Because it is a very long sand slog, it is better to leave the descent to the descent.
There is a breathtaking view of Mt. Stanford from Mt. Stanford’s traverse, which is a class 3 classic traverse. The majority of weather fronts start in the Pacific Ocean and move eastward toward the Sierra Nevada mountains; when they get closer, the peaks push them upward, creating an orographic lift, which causes the fronts to release their moisture onto the range as rain or snow. Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean and proceed eastward into the mountains.
Mount Morgan taken at Davis Lake
The Mount Morgan picture was taken at Davis Lake. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Other Facts:

  • Nearby Attractions: Aspen Springs, McGee Creek, and Long Valley
  • Nearby landmarks: Esha Peak, Mount Stanford, Hilton Creek Mine, Davis Lake, and Stanford Lake
  • Top Climbing Months: August, September, and October
  • Mount Morgan nh Elevation: 3960 meters (12,998 ft)
  • Prominence: 449 meters (1,472 ft)
  • Region: Southern Sierra Peaks Section
  • Parent Peak, North Palisade
  • CA Rank: 149
  • County: Mono
  • QTH Locator: DM07om
  • Line Parent: Ruby Peak
  • Proximate Parent: Red Slate Mountain
  • Lat/Long (dec): 37.51132,-118.77985
  • Latitude: 37.5113
  • Longitude -118.7797
  • Most Climb Route: Ridge from Francis Lake
    Mount Morgan Relief Map to Navigate to Mountain Peaks in the area
    Mount Morgan Relief Map to navigate to mountain peaks in the area. Photo credit: Mountain Forecast
    Mount Morgan nh in winter
    Mount Morgan, NH, in winter. Photo credit: Wikimedia
    Mount Morgan is a mountain in the Sherwin Range of the Sierra Nevada.
    Mount Morgan is a mountain in the Sherwin Range of the Sierra Nevada. Photo Credit: mikepmiller

    Mono Pass Trail Hike, Little Lakes Valley, California
    Mono Pass Trail Hike, Little Lakes Valley, California. Photo Credit: mlhradio