Philippines Island hopping guide

The Philippines is an empire of more than 7,000 stunning islands that dwell on numerous beaches around the world. On this Philippines tour, you will visit two of the most widely recognized beaches as well as three islands. Discover stunning, unspoiled islands, crystal-clear lagoons, powder-soft beaches, locations for snorkeling with hundreds of fish and coral species, and more.
You can choose to begin your journey by hiking through the Cebu jungle to reach Kawasan Falls, then continue to Palawan to see one of the globe’s newly recognized seven natural treasures, take a leisurely island hopping tour in stunning El Nido, and finish your journey in a luxurious resort alongside one of the most immaculate beaches on the planet. 
Do you wish to organize the ideal island-hopping agenda in the Philippines but are wondering where to start? This article will help you!

Getting started by arriving in Palawan/El Nido

El Nido island hopping excursions are among the most well-liked in the Philippines because of the stunning white sand beaches, rugged limestone cliffs, and crystal-clear sea around El Nido in Palawan. El Nido and Puerta Princessa are the two leading Palawan airports. Puerta Princessa to El Nido is a 5-hour journey, though it could take longer if you take breaks and refreshments. 

Day 1–3: Darocotan Island

Beautiful Darocotan Island is within sixty minutes of driving from
El Nido. A peaceful island paradise, Darocotan Island provides some respite from the congestion of El Nido tourists. You’ll be happy to hear that snorkeling and paddleboarding are options if you’d like to get moving.

Day 3–5: El Nido

On this 10-day plan for island hopping in the Philippines, stop number two will take you right back to El Nido town, which is most recognized for its famous limestone cliffs, white sand coastlines, lagoons, and, obviously, its pristine seas. In order to head back to El Nido, you may hire a private taxi or shuttle bus. 

Day 5-7: Coron

Stop 3 will be heading to Coron, which is well-known for its amazing diving regions and picturesque rock formations. Now, how to get from El Nido to Coron? There are two easiest ways: either you can board a direct flight from El Nido to Busuanga Airport in Coron or take a ferry to reach there. 
Here, in Coron, you may dive into the best spots in the Philippines, including Balinsasayaw Beach, Malcapuya Island, Kayangan Lake, Coral Beach, Ditaytayan Island, and more. You must think about Hop Hostel and Outpost Hostel if you’re looking for a friendly and highly-ranked hostel. You may consider the Vela Terraces Hotel if you’re looking for an isolated alternative in a prime position with amazing panoramas.

Day 7–10: Siquijor Island

This 10-day itinerary for exploring the Philippines’ islands incorporates a visit to Siquijor, where you can venture beyond the usual tourist trail. You must take a flight and a boat to travel from Siquijor to Coron. San Juan is the ideal place for lodging when visiting Siquijor. Lastly, some of the most captivating sightseeing spots in Siquijor are Paliton Beach and Cambugahay Falls. 
The Philippines is the most breathtaking location you could possibly visit. It’s unlike any other location on earth because of the sandy beaches, the ocean, and the hospitable locals. You would probably need a considerable amount of time to thoroughly explore every island in the Philippines. In case you only have ten days, it’s anticipated that this 10-day island hopping excursion will be able to give you a glimpse of some of the most amazing things the Philippines is capable of offering!
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Philippines Island hopping is an empire of more than 7,000 stunning islands that dwell on numerous beaches around the world.
Philippines Island hopping is an empire of more than 7,000 stunning islands that dwell on numerous beaches around the world. Source


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