Ranu Kumbolo Lake can see from the hill, located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. The volcano Bromo has a distance from the lake is approximately 12 KM while the volcano Semeru has a distance of approximately 7 KM. Therefore; the journey is too difficult toward the lake, you’ve to walk about four to five hours and cross the challenging terrain, and the trip is strenuous enough.
When you’ll arrive at Ranu Kumbolo, definite fatigue seemed to break even with a charm and beauty and you’ll feel. The blend of evergreen trees, shrubs, and the blue sky becomes a reflection of its own and offers calm and peace in the area. The beautiful Ranu Kumbolo is a refreshing oasis, a natural blend of fresh green and lake views, guaranteed to remove any kind of sense of fatigue, splendid cool atmosphere, and airy conditions.
Ranu Kumbolo Lake truly deserves to be a perfect place for relaxation, especially in the weather at night the temperature reaches -10 degrees Celsius. In the daytime, sunrise will add to your sense of awe, panoramic sunrise is very good-looking and captivating, and the golden color of the light the sun reflected off the surface of the lake. No one denies the majestic beauty of Ranu Kumbolo Lake, as very few photographers who’re able to capture the beauty of this lake.
For those who like to hike, Ranu Kumbolo is the right stop to get ready for their adventure. Moreover, the Lake is also providing a hut for hikers and there is a camping ground for sleepovers. Also, there is an ancient monument that stands on Ranu Kumbolo. Local people believe those monuments already existed since Majapahit Empire.
Fresh air, clear water, cool atmosphere is the perfect thing that the visitors can get while spending time in these wonderful lakes. Forget the daily routines, and sweep away the burdens, Ranu Kumbolo is the perfect place to recharge your body and soul.
Perhaps you’d never miss this heaven on earth, because Ranu Kumbolo Lake is amazing from every side, particularly from Tanjakan Cinta. It is gorgeous savanna with very tidy green-yellowish grass all around. The Lake looks like it’s been regularly gardened by Mother Nature. The lake has a turquoise view with very abundant freshwater.
No one was allowed to swim in the lake, even peeing or throwing dirty & un-hygiene stuff into the Lake. On some distinctive occasions, it is a beloved place for a pre-wedding photo session. The place is perfectly romantic for a honeymoon.
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