Phantom 3

Rhyolite: An Abandoned Ghost Town from the Air

Rhyolite, is an abandoned ghost town in Nevada and if you search for it online and amazingly you’ll find no end of images.  Yet this is the first time I have seen this enthralling place from above.  Director and filmmaker Philp Bloom took his Phantom 3, the new DJI drone, for an hour’s spin over the town (and through it too).  The results are incredible – the shots of the town are unlike any of those seen before. Actually it did pretty well considering the wind. I only had jello issues on some really windy moments, one shot I put in this edit despite that as I actually like it. I’ll notice if I can do more in post to remove it! The wind did stop me doing some of the more difficult shots I had hoped to do. One of the things I love about the Phantom over the Inspire 1 is the size but when the wind is blowing the motors and gps can only do so much so I had to play it pretty safe! The short movie was shot in 4K 30p and conformed to 23.976p to get a little slow down.

Rhyolite ghost town – Phantom 3 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.