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The Fibonacci Tree-house, Spain

The Fibonacci Treehouse, Spain

The design of this beautiful house in the trees was inspired by the Fibonacci Spiral. That’s the spiral found in plants and animals like the sunflower and the snail’s shell. The building, by Blue Forest, is finished from sustainably managed forest timbers using laminated ribs for the framing which is clad inside and out with larch boards. Larch has comparable characteristics as oak but is less cost. This small house is just 270 Sq.ft with a tiny kitchen and space for a bed and chairs. Once the frame of the house was made off-site it took a little team of builders about 8 weeks to construct. You can say it’s a bit of a kid’s paradise with 130 ft of rope bridges and a 75 ft slide. What an awe-inspiring aspect of nature! This lovely house is a marvel of nature and human intelligence. In the Fibonacci sequence, as you may divide a number into its successor, the further along you go the closer you get to the value of “Phi” – The Golden Ratio (value 1.618033), i.e 13 divided into 21 = 1.61538; 144 divided into 233 = 1.61805. The dimensions of our Meditation \ Yoga Hut at Lee Road are based approximately! on the value of Phi.

The Fibonacci Treehouse, Spain
The Fibonacci Treehouse, Spain



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