The Hobbit Tree House. You don’t have to be amazed; actually, this tree house is inspired by “The Hobbit”. This stunning tree house is set in the Black Hills a popular tourist hotspot famous for the gold rush, the Wild West town of Deadwood, and Mount Rushmore. Though, the hobbit house is part of the package when travelers book Chateau de Soleil, a 4,100 square foot holiday home owned by Lord of the Rings fans and hotel operators Gordon and Audrey Mack.
For up to $675 a night, fans can live like Bilbo Baggins but with a lot more luxury. The Hobbit house is perched 16ft above ground level, 400 square feet, the tree house built between two pine trees features a gas fireplace, chill air conditioning, a Cool fridge, flat-screen LED TV, two full beds, and seasonal running water.
So, all visitors make their experience even more authentic; can slip on pair of hairy hobbit slippers to wear when they are making dinner or just lounging around the self-catering hideaway. The Hobbit house must be booked for three nights minimum, being charmed at a summer rate of $675 a night, and a little low in winter at $595.
But make sure, prices can climb up due to any special event, such as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Mr. Mack, the owner of this property, actually engaged with the hospitality industry for 20 years and bought the country home in 2012. And then, later on, he and his wife decided to build the $70,000 tree house and model it on a hobbit hole.
He’s so inspired by the chain of restaurants these days, as everybody has stayed at a chain hotel. Therefore, they want to give a unique & rare experience that tourists will remember in life. Hence, located in Boulder Canyon, the main house is spread over three floors, with a relaxing hot tub, three decks, three and a half bathrooms, and a Pac-Man-themed game room with arcade machines, and decking links the tree house to the four-bedroom Chateau de Soleil country house, and together they can accommodate up to 16 people.
Hobbit Tree House
Hobbit Tree House
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