Save the ring and your skin from Wedding Ring Dermatitis. If your wedding band is making your skin sore and scratchy, that doesn’t mean that you’re allergic to your marriage. When you wear a ring every day around the clock, the skin underneath stays moist and doesn’t have a chance to air out. Which makes it more susceptible to irritations and allergies (contact dermatitis)?
Most people wear their rings tight enough to stay put, which causes pressure against the skin and sets it up for problems,” explains Dr. Kristin Leiferman. The result is a surprisingly common condition that dermatologists refer to as wedding ring dermatitis, in which the skin under the ring gets temporarily red, sore, and itchy.
Most likely, you’ve developed a skin irritation to soap or debris that gets trapped under your ring and ground into your skin, especially if you wear a wideband, says Dr. Leiferman. The issue is common among women who have their hands in water a lot, notes Dr. Amy Newburger, a dermatologist. “Liquid soaps are particularly irritating if not removed from the skin,” explains Leiferman. It’s rare, but women doctors say that you could be allergic to the jeweler itself, even if it’s an expensive gold ring.


Before you relegate your ring to your jeweler box; women doctors suggest that you try these tactics. Soak your skin. Take your ring or rings off and carefully set them aside so that you don’t lose them down the drain. Then thoroughly rinse the skin under the rings, paying special attention to the areas between your fingers, where debris and soap can get trapped, says Dr. Leiferman.
Generally, a good rinsing with water is all that you need.” Rinse your ring. Put the plugin on the drain, and then rinse off the ring making sure to clean the smooth underside that comes in contact with your skin. Wash away any residues of soap or debris, says Dr. Leiterman. “If you soak your rings with jeweler clean, be especially careful to rinse the rings well with water,” says Dr. Leiferman. Ring cleaners typically contain ammonia, a chemical that can dry and irritate the skin, she says.
Give your ring finger a rest – Take your ring off at night to allow your skin a chance to air out and heal, suggests Dr. Leiferman. If you have severe contact dermatitis, you may even have to stop wearing your ring for a week or two until the irritation resolves,” says Dr. Mary Ruth Buchness.
Heal with hydrocortisone – Rub hydrocortisone cream into your skin for a few nights while your ring is off, to reduce inflammation and redness, recommends Dr. Buchness.
Moisturize your hands – Keep the skin of your hands-particularly the area under the ring supple by applying a bland, fragrance-free moisturizer several times a day, especially after washing. Not only will the moisturizer create a protective barrier against irritating debris, but it will also improve the skin condition. If your skin is in good shape, it’s not going to break down as easily, and it will heal faster if it does become irritating,” explains Dr. Leiferman.
Try anti-itch medicines – To soothe irritated skin, apply over-the-counter anti-itch medications that contain the ingredients camphor or menthol (or both), proposes Dr. Buchness. These ingredients are topical anesthetics, which relieve itch and pain.”
Wear rubber gloves. To avoid future outbreaks, wear gloves when washing dishes, handling detergents, or doing housework, to protect your hands from moisture and irritation, suggests Dr. Patricia Farris Walters.

When to See a Doctor?

If you have a chronic case of wedding ring dermatitis that is to be lasting as long as your marriage (or longer), see a Doctor preferably, a dermatologist, advises Dr. Kristin Leiferman. She can prescribe medication that can help.
But more importantly, she can test your skin to determine what’s causing the problem, and that may include testing your ring to find out if you are truly allergic to your ring.
Save the ring and your skin from Wedding Ring Dermatitis.
Save the ring and your skin from Wedding Ring Dermatitis. Photo Credit – Health Main


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