Hunting Season In The USA?

For as long as most of us can remember, hunting has been a big part of human life, Although in the beginning hunting was just for our survival, now it is a sport. 
Agriculture and community development and hunting are options rather than something we need. Hunting is a sport, a hobby, and a way to connect with nature, and wildlife, and to take us back to our deepest roots of survival. 
Some still hunt for food, but it does serve many purposes. It provides us with health benefits, exercise, stress release, lower heart rate, and even blood pressure. 
Yet, you can’t just wander off into the woods, take your weapon and hunt willy nilly, you need to be prepared, plan, and need information. A good hunter knows there is more than just a rifle, you might need extras such as shown here: 
Whatever the case, knowing when hunting season is, is the most important factor of all. 
Hunting Season In The USA
Hunting Season In The USA. Photo Credit – Chesapeake Bay Program

Why Is It So Important To Know?

Hunting season exists for many reasons, but mostly because there are many types of game, and some will be more exposed or vulnerable at certain times. A department of government can also have concerns over natural resources. 
These are the people who will decide when hunting season is so that hunters of generations to come can still enjoy the sport, and no particular prey animal is cut too thin. 
If there were no hunting seasons, there may not have been any animals for us to hunt a long time ago. Let us not forget that the truth of things today is very different from the societies that existed long ago. 
This is why hunting is so different, and why we need rules, and restrictions in place. They are organized in such a way that makes sure that no animal populations disappear, and that we can continue to monitor populations safely and without risk of extinction.
Having hunting seasons also increases the likelihood of you succeeding. Those who choose the dates of hunting season will do so in accordance with when animals breed. The way these dates line up influences the growth of the population. 
Off-seasons also allow animals to recover from hunting and keep population numbers controlled. 

When Is Duck Season?

Duck is a popular game choice, with different habitats, species, and migration patterns, all these things determine when ducks are hunted. 
Hunting dates will be chosen by the Migratory Birds Conventions, however, the dates for duck hunting usually fall sometime from September to January. 
Weapon prohibitions and bag limitations are also placed to protect duck populations as well, and hunting season lengths can vary for ducks. 

When Is Turkey Season?

Turkey season can be dictated by the type of Turkey, as there are many species of wild turkey you may find in the United States. The main wild turkey species are the North American and the Oscillated Turkey. 
Homes you will find turkeys are usually around streams and rivers, grasslands, oaks, forest clearings, pine savannas, and meadows. 
They have habitats in many states, so it is best to check with state agencies to know when your turkey hunting season will be. 
It could be in Spring or in Fall, but not all states will have an open season in both these times. Spring is usually April and May, but some can begin in March. 
Fall can also vary, some will open as early as August and last until October, but others will start in November and last into February.

When Is Deer Season?

Hunting Season In The USA
Hunting Season In The USA – Deer seasons also, like duck and turkey, depending on the breed of deer you look to hunt. Photo Credit – Stock Snap
You will need to refer to your state’s schedule to find out when deer hunting season is. Deer seasons also, like duck and turkey, depending on the breed of deer you look to hunt. 
In the US there are 2 primary species of deer in the USA, the Mule deer, and the White-tailed. Miles will have black tails. 
Deer seasons will typically start in September and can last until the end of the year, but some will begin in October or November. Some seasons can even last as late as January. 
When the season begins there may also be hunting hours in place. Missouri is a good example, you can only hunt for 90 minutes before sunrise until 90 minutes before sunset. You may also have specific weapons you can use per month. 
Some states are even so specific to only allow archery in some months as well.


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