The Aconite Eranthis Hyemalis flower bulb sends up three to eight-inch stems in the late winter or very early spring. With flowers that are little, bright yellow rosettes, like large buttercups, the leaves are ruff-like collars just under the blossoms. Winter aconites are a welcome sight, and the snow does nothing to discourage them.
They look best planted in large drifts and will help add to the effect each year by self-sowing. They do fine in rock gardens but won’t hold their own very well if planted in grass. They grow from strange twig-like tubers and are hardy to Zone 4.
How to Grow Aconite Eranthis Hyemalis Flower?
Normally, Aconite Eranthis Hyemalis Flower is grown in winter aconites in full sun or light shade, such as that cast by deciduous trees and shrubs. The soil need not be very fertile, but it must be well-drained. The plants need moisture in spring and early summer, and then they go dormant. The best time to plant is in late summer, if possible, two to three inches deep and about four inches apart. Soak the tubers in water overnight before planting.
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Winter Aconite Eranthis Hyemalis Flower
Winter Aconite Eranthis Hyemalis Flower


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