Graceful Wooden Chair Hand-Carved from a Single Tree Stump

Graceful Wooden Chair Hand-Carved from a Single Tree Stump. If you have an artistic mind and vision, then you can convert an ordinary tree stump into something very special furniture for your home. The creative mind artist Alex Johnson revealed his chair named “Glemham” which he carved out of a large oak stump. Although The “Glemham” he created during a residency at White House Farm, which is the seasonal home of The Alde Valley Spring Festival near Great Glemham, England. Alex Johnson took more than six months to complete his incredible wooden chair by hand with the help of tools like a chisel and gouge.
Moreover, its stump was harvested from the farm and felled by a local timberman. He started gradually shaping and developing the wood into a sophisticated piece of furniture, with curved arms that flow into tricky flourishes adorning the base of the chair. He said, after finishing the carving, “Glemham” I debuted at the annual Festival Exhibition and now resides in the farm’s old Threshing Barn. Indeed, I put in a lot of effort to produce this magnificent chair to add to my successful portfolio. I do believe, people will admire my effort and decorate their homes with this special chair. Source: My Modernmet
Wooden Chair
Wooden Chair
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