British artist James Doran Webb created unbelievable life-size horses out of salvaged driftwood as a part of an ongoing series of animal sculptures. It is well noteworthy of fascinating the representation of motion in sculpture, by going all out to produce a vibrant sense of energy in every animal. Doran Webb lived several years in the Philippines and gets extensive experience with driftwood, and then composed the art with the help of salvage driftwood.
Doran Webb works on a large stockpile of wood and collects the pieces that present the finest natural form of the animal and its muscle structure. He spent his childhood in the workshop of the antiques Restoration Company, run by his parents, by time passed he developed himself into an accomplished antique dealer, and also convert himself into a competent cabinet maker, with extensive experience in whittling, carving, and refinishing.
In 2005, he decided to start work with driftwood by getting the idea for his furniture design and that was the point he started a different experiment with animal sculptures.
Horses Out of Salvaged Driftwood
Horses Out of Salvaged Driftwood
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