The Rainbow Rose were shaped by Dutch flower company owner Peter VanDe Werken. who formed them by developing a method for injecting natural pigments into there stems while they are growing to make a striking multicolored petal affect. The dye is produced from natural plant extracts and absorbed by the flowers as they grow.

A particular procedure than controls how much color reaches each petal- with stunning results. By treating the stalk with natural pigments, Van De Werken has managed to make each petal a different color. The pigment is absorbed and travels to the petals where it modifies there hue.

The rainbow rose is a magical flower that has been colored using the natural process of water absorption. The colors are artificial, but it’s still worth looking at because this type can be used as an example for other flowers like chrysanthemums or carnations which also use these methods with different outcomes depending on their desired appearance.

The rainbow rose is a popular selection, but there are also variants that have different combinations of colors. The most notable variation has an array involving red/pink and yellow while others include green or blue-hued plants as well! 

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