The forest Owl Photographs are the most regal, mysterious, and graceful birds for wildlife photography. These splendid photographs have been taken by a Bangkok photographer in Thailand. He goes by Sasi Smith, shows the several faces of these ferocious, silent hunters. Sasi is a very creative photographer, and he doesn’t just shoot owls, but he has quite a lot of bird photography under his belt as well, particularly of parrots.
He says; owl photography is especially very difficult, due to their amazing camouflage! However, when someone as a skilled photographer as Sasi gets it right, though, the results can be astonishing; here you have a chance to see some of his majestic collections of Owl photography are that’ve featured on the internet! We’re sure, these are some absolutely amazing Owl Photographs you’ll ever see. The owls I can hear our local Little Owl calling as I look at these wonderful photos in the gathering dusk.
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Source: Bored Panda
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owl-photography-sasi-smit-6 owl-photography-sasi-smit-8 owl-photography-sasi-smit-9
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