This historic ski jump will soon be serving overnight visitors reaching new heights with an astonishing, modernized penthouse apartment that is suspended around 200 feet in the air. The lofty living space at the top of the Holmenkollen competitive arena in Norway was before a waiting room for the participants of 1952 Winter Olympics. Now it has been emerged in an apartment set to open at the end of March. Therefore adventure lovers and ski passionate can relish the remarkable vantage point overlooking snowcapped mountains with all the comforts of home. Hence from the rooftop terrace, visitors can even take glimpses of the “Northern Lights” on a clear night. Moreover the lodging company AirBnB commissioned the project as part of a promotional contest, in which the company will give away the first night’s stay to the winner of an essay competition. The progressively popular website that coordinates “places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries” is famous for providing accommodations in strange venues.

Without any doubt the ski jump lodge ranks among the most exclusive. The apartment’s webpage amusingly advises would-be guests, “Please do not apply if you are scared of heights.”Source: Mymodernmet

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