Shimmering Australian Salt Ponds pictured in stunning aerial photographs, hard to believe that these spectacular portraits are not watercolor paintings depicting otherworldly patterns. These stunning photographs are actually of crystallizers: shallow ponds in which concentrated brine evaporates, leaving a ‘crop’ of salt crystals. These exclusives crystals were photographed by Simon Butterworth from a light aircraft flying 4,000 to 5,000 feet above the Useless Loop solar salt operation situated in Shark Bay, the westernmost point of mainland Australia.
The height was mainly vital in getting this flattened perspective, which was attained using a long focal length camera. Moreover, time and cloud cover also played a key role, with the abstractness of the photographs heightened by a lack of shadow. Because the main reason that these crystals appear blue can in fact be attributed to the reflection of the sky. The tracks left by the salt harvesting machine account for the brushstroke patterns.
The series, called “Project Blue Fields”, is part of a bigger project, Aesthetics of the Astonishing, which sees the relationships between perception, expectation, and reality, and was nominated for a Sony World Photographic Award in the Professional Landscape category. Source: Daily mail
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