Decorate Home and Garden with Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower or Platycodon grandiflorus is a fine old-fashioned plant with flowers the shape of open bells, some single and some double, in colors that are never garish blue, pink, or white. It is perfect for the English garden look. It blooms in midsummer on stems that are normally two or three feet tall. Mariesii is a short blue variety with single flowers, one and a half feet tall. However, shell pink is a popular pink variety and Album is white.

How to Grow Balloon Flower?

Well if you want to grow Balloon Flower then make sure sun is preferable, but platycodon will tolerate some shade. Provide light, slightly acid, moist but well-drained soil. Sandy soils are more suitable than clay. The plant forms long-lived clumps that do not require division, though it may be done in spring if you dig out the long taproot very carefully.
Moreover, you must watch out for the shoots which are slow to emerge in spring. Don’t trample them when you are working the soil in their general vicinity. You can mark the spot in the fall as a safeguard.
Decorate Home and Garden with Balloon Flower
Decorate Home and Garden with Balloon Flower

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