Chrysanthemum – A Flowering Plant Comes in Several Shapes

Chrysanthemum, sometimes called “mums” or “chrysanths”, are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern...
Trumpet vine is hummingbird favorite plant, the red orange 2 to 3 inch, trumpet shaped flowers, bloom in July with long, slender bill of the hummingbird,

Trumpet Vine – Hummingbird’s Favorite Flower

Trumpet vine is a perfect example of a hummingbird plant. It's red-orange two to three-inch, trumpet-shaped flowers, which bloom in mid-July have evolved along...
Ranunculus is a large genus of about 600 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae and members of the genus include the buttercups, spearworts, and water crowfoots.

How to Grow Most Showy Hybrids Ranunculus

Ranunculus is a large genus of about 600 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae. It is members of the genus include the buttercups, spearworts,...
This hypnotic characteristic has made Night Sky Petunias, which can reach an average height of 16 inches and bloom during the spring and summer. (Photo Credit irenefotod)

Petunia Petals Hiding Secret Universes Inside Them

If you gaze at Petunia at distance you don’t have a strong enough telescope? Then don’t worry, because we have got a flawless solution....

Moraea Villosa – Beautiful Eye Shaped Flower

The beautiful Moraea Villosa is a species of peacock moraea. It is normally a group of plants named for the large conspicuous eye-like eye-shaped...

Forget-Me-Not or Myosotis Sylvatica Flower

Hardy biennials are often grown as hardy annuals, forget-me-nots or Myosotis Sylvatica Flower are typically bright blue but sometimes pink or white. Usually no...
This orchid (Dracula Simia) is epiphytic and forms the face of a monkey. It blooms at any season and emits a citrus scent.

The Amazing World of Flowers

Pollinators are attracting by myriad kinds of plants and flowers for thousands of years. Their amazing adaptations have resulted in countless of dissimilar and...

White Lily – Flower Forms in Dense Colonies

The White Lily is a perpetual plant that frequently forms dense colonies. The beautiful leaves arise on flexible stalks from large, thick rhizomes. The...
These delightful bulbs have little bright blue, star shaped flowers and grass like leaves

Glory of the Snow – A Bright Blue Star Shaped Flower

The Glory of the Snow delightful bulbs has little bright blue, star-shaped flowers and grass-like leaves. They start blooming shortly after crocuses, which is...

The Goldenrod Flowers

Solidago commonly called Goldenrod is a genus of about 100 to 120 species of flowering plants in the aster family, Asteraceae. Most people are...
Aster Flower Information in height from six tall to just above the ground. Colors are shades of purple, lavender, pink, red, blue and white.

Aster Flower Information – Grow Gorgeous Colors of Falls

The glory of the fall garden, Aster Flower range in height from six tall to just above the ground. Colors are shades of purple,...

Jasmine – An Evergreen Flower

Some jasmines may twine to some extent, but as a group, they’re really in the category of shrubs. Some have long, arching stems, however,...

How to Grow Petunia?

Petunias are half-hardy annuals and are related to the potato and other members of the nightshade family. Their familiar trumpet-shaped flowers come in several...

Pansy or Viola Tricolor Hortensis

The garden pansy is a type of large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. It is derived by hybridization from more than a...

Lantana Heads – Clusters of Tiny Flowers

Lantana Heads are perennials grown as half-hardy annuals in most climates or wintered over indoors. Lantana cameras can grow as tall as 10 feet...
Gladiolus Mixed

Gladiolus Flowers are Popular For Bright Color

Gladiolus, or glads as they’re sometimes nicknamed, are popular flowers. They're tall, brightly colored red flower spikes that are showy in the garden and...

Hyacinth Bulbs – Grow and Care Tips

Hyacinths are spring-flowering bulbs with long, narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise. Hyacinth Bulbs are highly fragrant flowers that bloom in dense clusters. So...

Snapdragon – Perennials Grown Half Hardy Annuals

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus) are perennials grown as half-hardy annuals. Flowers grow on spikes of varying heights, from six inches to four feet. Rocket varieties...

Crocus Flower – Most Favorite Among Flower Lovers

Well, of all the small spring bulbs the Crocus Flower is the favorite among flower lovers. It is not the earliest to bloom, but...
Iris Flowers plant, then you need all the irises mentioned here should be planted as early in fall as possible, in full sun.

How to Care and Grow Perennial Iris Flowers

Some iris, such as bearded iris, grow from rhizomes; some such as Siberian iris, have fibrous roots. The others, such as Dutch Iris Flowers,...

Magnificent Delphinium Flower Spikes in Their Own Way

An idea of luxury is to always have plenty of Delphinium Flower. They’re not reliable in a hot climate, so you must replace several...

12 Most Unusual Adorable Flowers

The majestic Earth planet has countless adorable flowers. Every day, new flower species are discovered by researchers. Here are some of the most unusual...
Tender perennials grown as tender annuals north of Zone 8. These are the much loved bright Geranium seen on windowsills, on terraces and in gardens everywhere.

The Bright Colors of Geranium Flower

Tender perennials are grown as tender annuals north of Zone 8. These are the much loved bright Geranium Flower seen on windowsills, on terraces,...
It is commonly observed that nature is extremely strange, and naked eyes sometimes nonplus the human beings.

Pholisma Sonorae – The Most Bizarre Wildflower

It is commonly observed that nature is extremely strange. The naked eyes sometimes nonplus the human beings. In North America, the flower Pholisma sonorae...

Amorphophallus Titanum – A Large and Unsual Shape Flowering Plant

The Amorphophallus titanum plant has been known for its large size and unusual shape. It is also called the corpse flower because of its...