The Unbelievable Blooms of Amorphophallus

A pair of beautiful plants Amorphophallus with blooms as erratic as their odor is pungent. It is likely to make a short-lived appearance this...

Magnificent Tricolor Goblet Shaped Flower

Photographer Rosie Nixon has given the name 'Tricolor' due to its purple-lilac goblet shape which also has a band of white and yellow at...

Bromeliad – The Most Exotic Houseplant

Bromeliad fascinating plants are among the most exotic houseplants a gardener can grow and also among the easiest. Not a genus in themselves, but...
How to Grow Most Beautiful Cactus

How to Grow the Most Beautiful Cactus?

There are so many peoples, who want to know, how to grow the most beautiful Cactus. Cacti are fun to grow because of their...

Lamium – Excellent Ground Cover for Shade

Lamium is an excellent ground cover for shade. Because the common name is often given as “spotted dead nettle”. It is far too unattractive...

How to Grow Narcissus Flower

First, let’s establish what we’re talking about. We all know what a daffodil looks like, right? Well, maybe. When I was a child I...

The Rare Nine Unique Rose Varieties

The Rare Nine Unique Rose Varieties Rare roses are flowers that are not commonly found in gardens or nurseries. They are often hard to find...
Cruciferae usually known as the mustards, or the cabbage family. Each flower has six stamens-four long and two short-and characteristic seed pods.

The Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)

Most of the urban flowers illustrated here have obvious similarities. The flowers of honesty, wallflower, and shepherd's-purse are, like the cuckoo flower. There are...

The Little Wild Rosa Canina

Rosa Canina is wild rose. Did you ever think about the fact that most roses in our gardens have amply of petals? While wild...
Trumpet vine is hummingbird favorite plant, the red orange 2 to 3 inch, trumpet shaped flowers, bloom in July with long, slender bill of the hummingbird,

Trumpet Vine – Hummingbird’s Favorite Flower

Trumpet vine is a perfect example of a hummingbird plant. It's red-orange two to three-inch, trumpet-shaped flowers, which bloom in mid-July have evolved along...

Chrysanthemum – A Flowering Plant Comes in Several Shapes

Chrysanthemum, sometimes called “mums” or “chrysanths”, are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern...
Helleborus lividus corsicus is an evergreen perennial Corsican hellebore. It is also known as Helleborus argutifolins

Helleborus lividus corsicus (CORSICAN HELLEBORE)

Helleborus lividus corsicus is an evergreen perennial Corsican hellebore. It is also known as Helleborus argutifolins and before that simply as H. corsicus, is...
It is commonly observed that nature is extremely strange, and naked eyes sometimes nonplus the human beings.

Pholisma Sonorae – The Most Bizarre Wildflower

It is commonly observed that nature is extremely strange. The naked eyes sometimes nonplus the human beings. In North America, the flower Pholisma Sonorae...

The Beautiful Flowers of the Shingle Beach

Flowers that grow by the sea must cope with exposure to wind and salt spray. Those living on Shingle Beach also have to adapt...

Snapdragon – Perennials Grown Half Hardy Annuals

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus) are perennials grown as half-hardy annuals. Flowers grow on spikes of varying heights, from six inches to four feet. Rocket varieties...

Fritillaria Imperialis – A Commonly Grown Plant

There are two types of fritillaries, very commonly grown in gardens. They’re like Mutt and Jeff. Fritillaria meleagris (checkered lily) has flowers shaped like...
So keep in mind that Hyacinth bulbs are poisonous; they contain oxalic acid and handling hyacinth bulbs can cause mild skin irritation.

Grow Hyacinth Flower For Fragrance and Colors

Hyacinth Flower is a small genus of bulbous flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. To grow Hyacinth Flower actually perfume the room,...
Allium giganteum “giant garlic” i summer sends up long stalks of 4 feet tall topped with 5 inch balls round, made up of tiny purple flowers.

The Allium – Most Graceful Ornamental Flower

The Allium - If you have ever seen chives blooming you may have been surprised to find that the plant is as ornamental as...

Gloxinia – Attention-Grabbing Flower

Gloxinia "Sinningia Speciosa" is a very beautiful plant when in bloom. It is apt to receive it as a gift-a cluster of large bell-shaped...
'Jackmanti Superba' is a clematis for a pillar, pergola, or porch where air circulates freely; without this, the plant may suffer from mildew.

Clematis ‘Jackmanti Superba’

Clematis ‘Jackmanti Superba’. This is the best-known and most popular of all hybrid clematis, and justly so. The eye-catching velvety dark purple, white-centered flowers...

Clivia miniata – A Prettier Indoor Plant

Clivia miniata also “Kaffir lily” grows from a thick rooted bulb. It is a species of flowering plant in the genus Clivia of the...

Hyacinth Bulbs – Grow and Care Tips

Hyacinths are spring-flowering bulbs with long, narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise. Hyacinth Bulbs are highly fragrant flowers that bloom in dense clusters. So...
Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

The cardinal flower is a symbol of joy and happiness, attracts abundance, and repels negativity. Red cardinal flowers are extremely showy and bright. During...
These delightful bulbs have little bright blue, star shaped flowers and grass like leaves

Glory of the Snow – A Bright Blue Star Shaped Flower

The Glory of the Snow delightful bulbs has little bright blue, star-shaped flowers and grass-like leaves. They start blooming shortly after crocuses, which is...
The Love-lies-Bleeding Plant (Amaranthus caudatus) is a very colorful and unusual plant that grows best when planted in a large group.

How to Grow Love-Lies Bleeding Plant?

Love-Lies Bleeding Plant (Amaranthus caudatus) is a colorful and unusual plant that grows best when planted in a large group. It is suitable for...