Causes of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is cancer that starts to build on the lungs, heart, and abdomen lining. Its symptoms include pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, constant fatigue or fever, weak muscles, and pleural effusion. The life expectancy after a mesothelioma diagnosis is around 12 months, but it depends on the cancer stage and the patient’s condition. There are different treatment options that mesothelioma patients can consider, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
Also, it is essential to take the mesothelioma symptoms seriously because early detection is crucial for the patient’s recovery. The tumor quickly grows in the patient’s body and presses against the abdominal cavity and chest wall. So, if you are continuously having chest pain, it would be better to consult the doctor.
Without further ado, let’s find out the causes of mesothelioma.

Asbestos Exposure at Workplace

Asbestos is a mineral that is built of thin and long fibrous crystals. This material is widely used in the construction sector, and once it is spread in the air, anybody can inhale it, which can lead to mesothelioma.
People who have a high risk of asbestos exposure include construction workers, war veterans, HVAC technicians, firefighters, and textile mill workers. It is important for mesothelioma patients and people working in these professions to have complete awareness about asbestos because it helps them mitigate the risk of mesothelioma and covers medical expenses legally.
For example, if you have served in the military and were diagnosed with mesothelioma, you can reach out to the mesothelioma veterans center. It will help you get different medical benefits that will ease the financial burden on your shoulders. It would also help you file a mesothelioma claim if you experienced asbestos exposure at your workplace.
Asbestos is used in commercial and industrial products, including glues, insulation, piping, cement, and ceiling tiles. The risk of mesothelioma is highest for individuals who have worked with products containing asbestos. Also, the family of workers can face secondary exposure to asbestos at home, so it is better to take precautions beforehand.

Asbestos Exposure in Environment

Asbestos naturally exists in hilly regions, so people living near that area can be exposed to asbestos. Even a minimal amount of asbestos can spread in the air, increasing the risk of people’s mesothelioma.
People living near the asbestos mine were diagnosed with mesothelioma in the past. So, you must consider the environmental factors that can cause mesothelioma.
Second-hand exposure can also cause mesothelioma, in which asbestos fibers are brought from outside to the home. Through one individual’s skin, hair, or clothing, it can be easily transferred to another one. So, it shows that asbestos exposure can also occur among people who do not work in the asbestos-containing environment.
The construction materials used in homes before the 1980s also contained asbestos. People can experience asbestos exposure during home remodeling projects. It is better to hire a professional who knows how to take the right safety precautions for the home renovation. Also, some makeup brands have recently been highlighted to sell talcum powder continuing asbestos. People need to have the right awareness about the asbestos presence in different products to minimize the risk of mesothelioma.

Unhealthy Lifestyle and Poor Diet

One of the major causes of mesothelioma is the poor immune system resulting from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
According to research, mesothelioma patients who recovered had a good immune system. You can consider different treatment options for mesothelioma, but if your body gives up at the early stage of cancer, then nothing will work.
To adopt a healthy lifestyle, you must first quit bad habits like smoking and drinking. It damages your lungs, especially when it comes to smoking, and mesothelioma also affects this part of the body. So, if your lungs are already weakened due to smoking, then your chances of recovery from mesothelioma become very low.
Also, a study revealed that smoking increases the chance of developing mesothelioma. Around 60 to 90% of smokers are diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer. It shows that smoking allows asbestos particles to easily affect the lungs, eventually leading to mesothelioma. Quit smoking and other drugs before it’s too late.


As mentioned above, asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma, so people need to know about it. The early mesothelioma is diagnosed, the better chances a patient will survive. Also, misdiagnosis is common when it comes to mesothelioma, so you should be aware of your family medical history and share it with the doctor.
Wherever you are working, you should ask your employer whether the workplace is safe from asbestos or not. If you are working in an asbestos-containing environment, your employer must provide you with the safety equipment to keep you safe from asbestos exposure. This article will hopefully help you better understand the causes of mesothelioma. If you catch this deadly disease due to someone’s negligence, you can file a case against them as well as demand compensation.

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Causes of Mesothelioma - Its symptoms include pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, constant fatigue or fever, weak muscles, and pleural effusion.
Causes of Mesothelioma – Its symptoms include pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, constant fatigue or fever, weak muscles, and pleural effusion. Photo Credit – Pexels


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