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The Caves Homes of Guyaju, China

Caves Homes of Guyaju
Caves Homes of Guyaju
The Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju), ‘the biggest maze of China’, was a considerable discovery relating to the study of ancient Chinese people who inhabited this northern part of the country. Therefore, no precise record of it has ever been found yet, so nobody exactly knows its origins.
Almost 92 kilometers (57 mi) from Beijing, the Caves Homes of Guyaju were hewn from the craggy cliffs overlooking Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing County. The fascinating house complex has more than 110 stone rooms and is the largest cliff residence ever discovered in China.
More importantly, on each side of the precipitous cliffs, adjacent stone houses, rectangular and square, large and small, were built. These homes vary in size, from over 20 square meters to 3–4 square meters. A number of houses are interlinked perpendicularly, while some are interconnected horizontally.
Few have a single room, while some have 2 to 3 connecting rooms. Stone steps and stone ladders are used to connect the storeys of a complete cliff house. Stone lampstands, stone hearths, closets, and mangers in the caves, the windows, and gates all remain as traces of their strange ancient inhabitants. Moreover; few houses were built with kangas, a kind of bed that can be heated from below on cold days.
The most enthralling one is a two-story stone house, with six finely engraved stone pillars propping it up. Within the house, there is a wing enclosing a small room with a stone table, stone stools, and a broad stone bed. This shrewdly constructed stone room is at the highest spot of the cliff house.
This is considered to be the residence of a chief of the day. Standing on its upper floor, tourists can view a superb panorama of the nearby areas. The miraculous ancient cliff house is waiting for you to throw off her veil to the world.
Caves Homes of Guyaju
Caves Homes of Guyaju

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