Cinque Terre – One of Best Traveling Destination in Italy

If this summer, you’re looking for your next traveling destination where you can hike the mountains as well as dive into the striking ocean. The Cinque Terre is perhaps the best destination to visit with your friends & family. Therefore, this beautiful place in Italy can easily be accessible from Pisa, Milan, and La Spezia, where you can relish the attraction of Cinque Terre all by foot on hiking trails running along the cliffs, boats, and regular trains.

Though, the hiking trails aren’t just a relaxing stroll but certainly take you up thousands of stairs through private vineyards and residences and can be particularly brutal under the hot summer sun. Cinque Terre means five mainlands and is one of the locations tucked away in a long list of UNESCO Heritage consisting of five villages, namely: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

The region has much avoided modern development, and as a result, it has retained its exclusive Italian culture and natural attractiveness. Over the centuries, people have prudently built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea. The rugged villages of the Cinque Terre, founded by Dark Age locals hiding out from marauding pirates, were long cut off from the modern world.

Five Villages of Cinque Terre:

Corniglia is the tiniest of the 5 but definitely holds the title of the cutest. Perched atop a steep V-shaped portion of the mountain, it hugs the corners and the roads wind steeply upwards. Monterosso is the beach stop, the only village of the five with a long beach stretching the length of it, and the only one that is built on moderately flat land.

Manarolo is the old man of the group. He is the original village out of the 5 and has cascading wine terraces peeking out above the houses. It shares the famous pathway called La Via dell’Amore. The Way of Love with its neighbor, Manarolo.

This pathway joined the two cities for better trading but became a famous spot for the youth to mingle. Today you can see locks engraved with two lovers’ names along the entire pathway. Vernazza is the gem of the bunch with its perfectly placed cities and its caressing harbor protecting it from the breaking waves.

Finally, we have Riomaggiore “The city of Murals” each wall is painted in a mural to depict the history of the people who live there; the winegrowers, the fisherman, and the transporters. All are having bright colors.

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The Cinque Terre is perhaps the best destination to visit with your friends & family.
The Cinque Terre is perhaps the best destination to visit with your friends & family.

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