Essay writing is inevitable in your academic journey to graduation, so stick around to find out why college essays are worth the trouble. We’ve compiled some reasons why you should take your essays seriously.
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3 Reasons Why College Essays Are Worth the Trouble
3 Reasons Why College Essays Are Worth the Trouble. Photo Credit – Unsplash

1. College Essays Count In Admission Processes

Competitive schools get a lot of applications—all fighting for a spot. Admission officers take your essay into account when assessing you in these cases. The essay becomes your primary medium to express who you are, share your experiences, and let them take a peek into your perspective. 
Search online and take a look at admission boards’ review processes in the top 250 colleges and universities in the U.S. You’ll see that your essay can count for one-fourth of your application rating. That’s substantial. 
When broken down, college essays are more important than your test scores, letter recommendations, reviews, and grades—falling second to your extracurricular activities. 

When Applying To Very Competitive Colleges And Universities

College essays are especially important to act as a tiebreaker if you’re an applicant with good but not stellar grades and test scores and you’re trying to get into a competitive school. Your essay could technically be your saving grace in these cases. 
On the other hand, for students with competitive grades, a high GPA, great test scores, many successful extracurricular activities, and so on, their essays could potentially impact their application. 
But the essay always counts. Don’t neglect it since it could hurt your application in the admission process. It needs to be well-written and refined by thorough thought and organization. So, what are our takeaways? Here are some examples of situations where an essay can have a big impact:
  • If two applications are nearly identical, admission evaluators will look at your essays.
  • If your grades are good but not competitive, your essay can leverage your application.

As A Supplemental 

And for larger public universities with many applicants, essays are important, but your grades can get you further in these cases. You can use your essay, however, only to explain your grades. You can let the evaluators know why they might not be as high as expected. 
You can also use your essay to showcase why you fit in the university and what you can add to its present community and environment. So, get specific about your strengths when writing.

Test Scores Optional

Many colleges and universities are taking the initiative to give students the option to omit standardized test scores. With this in mind, the essay becomes more relevant. When you opt-out to submit your test scores, a percentage of your application’s rating is eliminated from the evaluation (15%). 
This is beneficial if your test scores aren’t so high, but this is a double-edged sword. You’ll need to put in as much effort to make the other elements of your application captivating. You could allocate this 15% to your essay. Do your research, plan it out, and do what it takes to make your essay worth it in this scenario.
3 Reasons Why College Essays Are Worth the Trouble
3 Reasons Why College Essays Are Worth the Trouble. Photo Credit – Pexels

2. Your Major

The importance of college essays also correlates with the major you’re pursuing, although most majors will require you to write in all cases. So, for example, for those who are in humanities and want to take up English, Journalism, or Creative Writing, your essay will be placed more on the pedestal than other majors. These are writing majors, after all.
STEM majors also need to write, but since they’ll be submitting research reports, their writing inclines less to creative writing. Therefore, their writing does not take center stage in this case, but they are expected to write coherently. 
In most social science courses, you’ll need to write many essays, so improving your essay writing now is vital. Don’t forget to try Studyfy to learn how expert writers craft essays. You might learn a lot of invaluable information you can use in the future.

3. Essay Writing Improves Skills

Essay writing is worth the trouble since it does improve many areas of your knowledge and skill base. For one, you’ll improve your writing, and you need to be able to write in this modern day and age. When you’re done with university, you’ll need to write resumes and cover letters.
You’ll need to write emails, work documents for your job, etc. Writing is an essential skill, so learn it through essay writing. Secondly, you’ll learn how to brainstorm better. More importantly, you’ll learn how to organize your ideas, filter out the most important ones, and structure them in a coherent argument. 
This skill is transferable to many aspects of life. If you’re a lawyer, it’ll be useful. If you’re a reporter, it’ll be useful. If you want to create a startup, it’ll be useful. You get the gist. 
In almost all life cases, you’ll need to develop your analytical skills and your ability to express your thoughts objectively or objectively that persuade or bring a goal forward. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve established that essay writing is important to get ahead in admissions for schools in many cases. In addition, it can be used to leverage your application in myriad situations, so don’t pass up the opportunity to use it. 
We’ve also learned that writing in itself and being able to write down ideas, arguments, and thought processes in an organized and coherent manner is vital for many occupations and tasks that you’ll need to deal with as an adult.
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