The Dubai desert offers something incredible to everyone – adventure by the gallon, a wonderful study in culture, and for those who seek it – blissful solitude. The desert doesn’t talk back. Dubai’s mysterious deserts are among the top tourist destinations in the world today. Desert Safari Tours beyond the imagination offers breathtaking scenery and is the most well-known desert safari among tourists.
It has remained silent and still for eons, and will remain silent and still for eons more. You can gaze far into the distance and see your own soul. That’s the magic of the desert. So go on, sign up for a Dubai desert safari today and discover what the desert means for you!

Adventure Capital!

The desert offers a natural environment for adventures. The undulating sand dunes and the hard-packed wadis and the valleys in between the dunes provide the perfect layout for some cool adrenalin-jerking fun.
  • Dune Bashing: This adventure is all about giving you the greatest high of all times. Dune bashing involves driving an SUV at speed up a dune and zooming down on the other side and speeding up again as you climb the next dune. Think of it as being on a desert roller-coaster, up to one dune, down the other, and on and on till you experience all the highs and lows of being on a really exciting roller coaster.

    Desert Safari Dune Bashing
    Desert Safari Dune Bashing
  • Sand Boarding: If you have done waterboarding, then sandboarding is easy as anything. In this sport, you’ll be tummy-down on a small surfboard, pushing off at the top of a dune. You’ll zoom down the slope at a good speed, holding on to the board for dear life. It’s great fun – sometimes you may topple off the board onto the hot soft sands of the dunes, but that’s ok. It’s the sheer unmitigated fun of the sport that’s what it is all about.
  • Quad Biking: If you’re a quad biking enthusiast, then you’ll love trying out your skills on the dry, hard floor of the desert. The desert offers multiple kinds of terrain – the dunes are soft and shifting while the wadis are hard-packed. The desert roads are dry and dusty while the oases are green, lush, and verdant. You’ll have no end of fun while quad-biking in the desert.

    Desert Safari Quad Biking
    Desert Safari Quad Biking
  • Camel Riding: Have you ridden a camel before? It’s a moody, cantankerous creature, quite capable of biting you if you annoy it. Camels obey their masters so don’t worry about getting on one. It’s a tall animal so the view of the desert from that height will be quite impressive. Riding a camel is not like riding a horse – the camel swings gently from side to side while walking and the two humps on its back make the seating quite different.

    Dubai Camel Riding
    Dubai Camel Riding

Cultural Haven!

A desert safari is a study in Emirati culture. Sign up for a Dubai desert safari and you’ll get to know how the locals, the Bedouins live and manage their lives. You’ll get to enjoy the regional arts and performances, and get to taste the food of the Emiratis, one of the best ways to evaluate a foreign culture.
  • Night Fun In The Desert: Sign up for an evening or overnight desert safari if you’re interested in a culture study. You’ll get to watch some scintillating belly dancing in an authentic Bedouin welcome tent, and you can get your hands and feet tattooed with henna designs. Also, you can enjoy a terrific all-male dance performance called the Tanura show where a man wearing colorful skirts embroidered with LED lights twirls around like a dervish, lifting and dropping brilliantly-lit skirts in time to the music. You may get to wear genuine Arabian robes, lean back on embroidered silk cushions, and smoke a shisha pipe. You’ll be a sheik and sheik for a few hours!
Night Fun In The Desert
Night Fun In The Desert
  • Cultural Study via Dinner: The evening and overnight safaris come with an amazing Emirati dinner as well, and what better way to get to know a culture than to taste its food? Savor the multi-course dinner and ask questions about how the food was prepared. Enjoy the fresh dates, of which there will be several types, from different plantations. Drink fresh juices prepared locally and the famous black and very sweet Arabian coffee to your heart’s content.

Dubai Desert Safari – A Chance to Meditate In Solitude

One of the best things to do in the Dubai desert safari is to find a quiet spot and ponder on the magnificence, and the sheer size of the desert. Choose an early morning safari if you want to meditate on the wonderful desert sunrise, or the evening safari if you want to take in the sunset. Both are spiritually moving experiences and best experienced in total solitude. Sign up for the overnight desert safari so that you can find a lonely dune and sit on top of it and meditate on the moon and the stars.
  • Find Yourself: The silent desert is the best place for you to find yourself, make new resolutions and think of all that’s been good in your life. It’s a great canvas – a blank nothing, on which you can draw your own designs. The desert stretches for miles in every direction, dark and welcoming, offering great solace to your soul.
  • Connect With The Desert: Take off your footwear and walk on the cool desert sands at night to connect with the desert at a deeper level. If you want, ask a guide to come with you on a nocturnal safari, in order to get a closer look at the desert flora and fauna. The desert looks very different at night; the dunes throw dark shadows everywhere and the wadis look like thin threads on the desert floor. The mica in the sands gleams a ghostly white in the moonlight. It’s a romantic yet lonesome landscape.
  • Conduct a Study of Nature: As you trek over the desert at night, you’ll see just how well the entire environment has been designed by nature. You’ll see just how well the cacti feed on the night dew, storing it up for the day. You’ll see nocturnal animals sneaking out from behind their hiding places, out for the hunt at night. It’s a whole world of interactions, between the desert, the creatures, the plant life, and the sky. Man is the outsider in this environment but you’ll feel strangely accepted.
As you can see, the Dubai desert safari is more than just a safari in the desert. It’s a chance for you to get in touch with yourself, and to know the meaning of life. Also, a good chance to observe and study the Emirati culture through food, dance, art, and ambiance. It’s a chance to challenge yourself on an unknown terrain through adventure sports.
An opportunity to enjoy a foreign culture up close and change any preconceived notions you might have. It’s a wonderful chance to find some solitude, away from the hustle-bustle and noise of the city. The desert does not know the sound, and you’ll greatly appreciate the silence during the depths of the night.
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