This is very important for every human to understand the meaning of Eat to Run or Run to eat?. We’ve touched on one of the most fundamental philosophical issues related to running. A strategy will enable you to win both ways, no matter which side you choose on any given day.
A person’s food intake can improve or detract from their workout depending on how they time their intake of food. It is beneficial to run gently, aerobically, as it stimulates appetite, but it also burns fat. The way it works is as follows.
More than a million years ago, our subconscious brain set up many behavioral eating patterns. The ancestors of our species lived by moving constantly, gathering bits of food, and inventing tools and strategies to survive long before we discovered how to use them or how to hunt strategically. There were many cases of people starving to death in the past.
Food is stored in our digestive tracts as fat, which delays the release of hormones that make us feel satisfied after large meals. As a result of our reflex brain, we are able to survive extended periods of starvation with enough reserve fuel on board. In spite of this, it is too effective in its job. Our bodies were designed to exercise and to function well in all areas when we exercise on a regular basis.
An exercise routine that is correctly paced reduces stress for those with a high level of stress. The problem comes when we don’t move around and burn enough calories, and this causes stress to build up, which triggers a number of negative subconscious behaviors. The researchers found that if we do not burn all the calories we are programmed to burn, our appetite gets stimulated, and we tend to start eating reflexively, releasing a powerful neurotransmitter called dopamine.
People who are sedentary tend to eat more, feel more tired, and feel less motivated than people who are active. By walking or running a few miles a day, you can maintain a healthy appetite and energy level. The Hardwired for Fitness book by Robert Portman and John Ivy is an excellent resource.
Your reflex subconscious brain is explained, as well as the ways you can work in harmony with your needs. A switch in your brain is turned on for 30-40 minutes after a run to maximize glycogen reloading. The muscles will be reloaded with 100-300 calories of simple carbohydrates (sugars) and 20% protein if you eat a snack of 100-300 calories.
Several circuits in the brain are responsible for triggering eating behavior. In the absence of a certain amount of calories burned each day, the hunger circuit is activated. Hardwired for Fitness is a book written by Drs. Portman and Ivy document we monitor calorie burn with the help of our brains. In contrast, sedentary behavior stimulates appetite while regular physical exercise helps to control it.
Keep moving so that you won’t feel hungry much of the time. In the sidebar below, we noted that calorie expenditure coordinated hunger and energy circuits as soon as a threshold was reached. A gentle run with walk breaks will help you burn more calories. It is important to note, however, that if you run too hard, a significant amount of glycogen will be used up.
The brain’s reserve fuel source is this storage form of carbohydrates. The appetite will increase if the fuel is not replaced within 30 minutes after finishing a run. Within 30 minutes of finishing a run, glycogen reloading switches are turned on. It is possible to reduce hunger by eating a reloading meal, as noted below. Burning calories while reducing hunger is another benefit of walking.
During walking, very little glycogen is burned, which reduces hunger. It is proven that the more steps are taken, the more fat is burned. If you normally spend a lot of time sedentary, you can incorporate segments of walking into your day. By doing this, you will be able to burn fat while improving your health.
Eat to Run or Run to Eat
Eat to Run or Run to Eat – A person’s food intake can improve or detract from their workout depending on how they time their intake of food. Photo Credit – Pexels


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