Glow-throated Hummingbird Facts

Glow-throated Hummingbird (Selasphorus ardens) is very small and belongs to the family Trochilidae. This is a compact hummingbird that has a rather short bill.
Identification: – The male bird is bright, shining green with a glittering pinkish-red throat patch and a wide white breast band below. Though the female’s bird, upper parts are more olive-yellow, and the throat is white with heavy, dark spotting. Glow-throated Hummingbird has a very restricted distribution in areas that are not much studied by ornithologists, hence its habits are very little known and poorly understood.
Behavior: – Glow-throated Hummingbird behavior is, though, probably broadly like that of the other “Selasphorus” species, particularly the closely related Scintillant Hummingbird. The Glow-throated is known to occur at six separate sites, some of which are at least partly protected, but it is by no means easy to find and appears to be continuing to decline. The projected population is no more than 1,500 individuals and may number as few as 250. Further, surveys on its distribution are required.


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Distribution: – Glow-throated hummingbird is native to the montane forest of Western & central Panama and Costa Rica.
Habitat: – Subtropical/Tropical highland altitudes, Forest glades, and edges; 2,500–5,900 ft (750–1,800 m)
Size Length: – 23⁄4 in (7 cm). Weight: unknown
Taxonomy: – This hummingbird is monotypic species
Feeding: – Although, very little research has been made on this bird. The main diet consists of insects, and nectar.
Status – The bird is listed as endangered due to habitat loss, and decreasing population, only a few hundred species are left in a single subspecies.
Other Names: –
German: – Feuerkehlelfe
Spanish: – Colibrí Ardiente
French: – Colibri ardent
Italian: – Colibrì golalucente
Japanese: – パナマノドジロフトオハチドリ
Dutch: – Gloeikeelkolibrie
Russian: – Пламенный колибри
Swedish: – glödhakekolibri
Danish: – Glødstrubet Dværgkolibri
Scientific: – Selasphorus ardens
Glow-throated hummingbirds facts
Glow-throated hummingbirds facts – Photo Credit – by Charles Hesse on flickr This is a very small bird of family Trochilidae. This is a compact hummingbird that has a rather short bill.
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