Guide on How To Write An Exciting Travel Essay
Guide on How To Write An Exciting Travel Essay – One of the most exciting parts of your life is traveling. So, it is ultimately a very important part of storytelling while you complete your assignments. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels
One of the most exciting parts of your life is traveling. So, it is ultimately a very important part of storytelling while you complete your assignments. It is a good topic for your assignments. However, contrary to the widespread notion that writing travel essays require a lot of creativity they do not. This is because traveling involves several exciting pieces of experience. However, writing out a travel experience may be intimidating for some people.

Research the place carefully

It is a possibility that a person decides to take a trip to a certain place just so that they could write an essay on it. If this is what you want to do then make sure you meticulously choose a place that you want to write about. You will also have to do your research before deciding on a place. This way you can combine study and travel and have fun at the same time. So, it is essential that you know the place well so that you can create a picture in your reader’s mind.

Achieve clarity regarding the major attractions

Now when you have chosen a place to write on you should understand that each place has its own attractions. So, look them up and make a list. However, one amazing piece of advice is to not write about all the attractions. You have to decide on a few special attractions that offer value to a tourist. So, choose two or three main attractions and write about them instead of writing out a long list of attractions. Another piece of advice is to not choose the very famous attractions, make sure you choose the places that are not much visited but deserve to be seen.

Convince the reader in the first paragraph

The first paragraph of any essay is one that has the most importance. If you have an interesting first paragraph then only the reader will be compelled to read the rest of your essay. In this paragraph make sure you can convince readers that the trip you took was indeed amazing and they can get useful information through your writeup. Good ideas, to begin with, are any unusual incidents throughout the trip or a misunderstanding that happened. Make sure you make an emotional connection with your audience by using humor, happiness, and motivation. The more you make it innovative the more it will stand out from the rest of the writeups and hook readers to your story.

Use simple language

Entertainment is one of the many reasons that readers will read your story. Your main focus should be on getting your point across rather than using fancy vocabulary and high academic structure. To make your reader understand what you are saying you have to make sure you have a friendly tone and structure throughout your write-up. “If you are still unsure about how to formulate your essay you take help from ProEssayService to make your write-up more understandable.” You should be able to spark interest in your reader and make him read right towards the end of your write-up. So, use simple language.

End with a lesson

A good write-up includes a lesson at the end of it. Your travel experience would have made a positive impact on your life or taught you a lesson. It was an experience that led to achievement. This may not be a very big achievement but rather a small change in perspective on looking at things or bumping into an amazing friend who showed you around the place. Each experience counts on the learning curve and can be communicated to your readers through your essay.


These are some of the major steps involved in writing a good travel essay. They will make a difference in your writing, giving you a great foundation for pursuing a profession in writing in the future. So, make sure you keep these steps in mind while beginning your essay.

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Eric Wyatt is an avid traveler. He likes to explore new places and guides people on how to travel to a certain place. You can find him wandering in some of the most unique places that are usually unheard of and that makes his travel adventures so unique. This sparked in him the interest in writing and he regularly writes articles that can help aspiring travelers find opportunities.


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