Focal infections in one part of the body can travel to another part of the body. This is the focal infection theory. It involves the spread of toxins through the bloodstream or by another means from one part of the body to another. Many health problems have been linked to focal infections, including blood, digestive, back pain, infertility, arthritis, abscesses and infections in the body or on the skin, heart disease, allergies, kidney damage, brain tumors, cancer, trigeminal neuralgia, and even death.
It is not uncommon for focal infections to begin in the mouth. A NICO lesion has been described as an area of decaying jaw bone under the root canal, which is caused by inflamed gums, dead teeth, and inflamed gums. Hidden mouth infections can also be found in cavitations, which are holes in the bone that form when a tooth-especially a wisdom tooth has been extracted from the mouth.
If there is pus, toxins, or rotting bone in this area, it is a hidden area that needs to be treated. During the tooth extraction procedure, a part of the mouth may begin to putrefy, or a putrefied substance may be present in places that the body is not able to remove from the extraction site due to its size. It is important to have a healthy mouth even if you eat well to prevent rotting infectious material from spreading to other parts of your body.
It is not acceptable for people to live with untreated infections. Nutrition can be used to treat a wide variety of infections. Nutrition alone will not heal some cases of infections, particularly in cases where the tooth has already been damaged by dentistry, such as a large filling, crown, or root canal. A combination of good nutrition and homeopathic injections or surgery can help clean up and prevent infection in these cases.
A focal infections in one part of the body can travel to another part of the body. This is the focal infection theory. It involves the spread of toxins through the bloodstream or by another means from one part of the body to another.
Focal infections in one part of the body can travel to another part of the body. This is the focal infection theory. It involves the spread of toxins through the bloodstream or by another means from one part of the body to another. Source

Extraction of teeth due to infection

In many cases, the bone under the infected tooth is not cleaned up after the extraction of teeth due to tooth infections which destabilize the bite, weaken the jaw, and cause scar tissue. Extracting teeth is often done due to tooth infections, but it can lead to scar tissue formation.
As a result, chronic pain, including hip and back pain, migraine headaches, and focal infections may develop. When treating an infection of the teeth, tooth extraction should only be used as a last resort when medically necessary, and it should not be the standard treatment.

Dental implants

Due to the fact that the periodontal ligaments and gum tissues do not attach sufficiently to the implant to seal off the space around the post, toxins can enter the gum. As a result, toxins can enter the gum through this space. There is hardly any evidence to suggest that titanium implants have any long-term negative effects on the body over time. There is a very high risk of the patient’s immune system triggering a negative reaction when metal is placed directly into his or her jawbone.
Any implanted metal will have a negative reaction on the body. According to studies conducted at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, most people in the world develop an allergic reaction to virtually any metal that is put inside their body, including mercury, titanium, and gold.
The battery effect associated with titanium implants is one of the problems that are not commonly considered when using titanium implants in combination with other metals from your dental restorations in your mouth. Other parts of the world, such as Europe and the United States, use zirconium for the fabrication of implants because it is a non-metal material. In the United States, the drug has recently been approved for use for the first time.
As an alternative to getting a titanium implant here in the United States, you can fly to a different country such as New Zealand to get a zirconium implant there for the same cost as having a titanium implant here. To determine whether this is a procedure that is right for you, you must weigh the benefits and the costs involved to determine if it is the right choice.
Since none of the alternatives are completely satisfactory, and they are very expensive, as a result, we would prefer to put our efforts into keeping the existing teeth we already have.

Dental Abuse

Modern dentistry is, with few exceptions, an inhumane system when it comes to health care. Patients are often coerced into undergoing treatments by dentists that they do not need. As part of this system of coercion, patients are sometimes condemned as failures in life for not keeping their teeth healthy due to poor oral hygiene, which is part of this system of coercion.
If these accusations are made by a dentist, the patient’s sense of self can be weakened, and he or she may thereby succumb to an unneeded dental procedure. When you become sick or feel awful in their presence, or if they attempt to coerce you into undergoing treatments that you are unsure about, then you know a dentist has abused you.
It is a well-known fact that dentistry is primarily a business that seeks to make money for its owners. Furthermore, the business aspect of dentistry has corrupted most dentists so thoroughly and for so long that it has caused them to behave in an irresponsible manner. There is also a physical aspect to dental abuse because when dental treatments are not absolutely necessary, they can harm and damage your physical body.
Disease, pain and suffering are caused by dental treatments that use toxic metals in order to treat the condition. Physical abuse is also a form of unethical behavior, and it is a form of physical abuse.

Dental Abuse Healing Suggestions

  • The first. When you did not know any better, you may have injured your teeth in the past. Put yourself in the situation as much as you can. Put yourself in the position of feeling upset, disoriented, taken advantage of, unfairly treated, or numbed. Feelings should be given space or a voice. Feel the suffering people are enduring as a result of dentistry. You need to look it in the eye squarely.
  • The second point. Be forgiving. In order to heal and forgive, it is important that the problem be acknowledged and the problem is acknowledged. It would be great if we could find that tiny spark within ourselves that can be capable of forgiving ourselves for being victims, and forgiving the dentist for his extreme ignorance and arrogance, if there were any way you could do this? By the way, forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t hold the dentist, or dentistry in general, accountable for their negligence or their lapse in judgment.
  • The third. Educate yourself. It is time to learn about good dentistry that can repair toxic dentistry once you are able to let go of some of your past attachments towards dentistry. Locate dentists who practice minimally invasive dentistry and less toxic treatments.
  • The fourth. Don’t forget to educate your friends and family. Education about conventional dentistry’s severe problems is essential to healing the abuse of dentistry. Education about dentists’ dangers and hazards will help you heal from dental abuse.
Practically speaking, let your dentist know if you don’t feel comfortable there. Please leave the dental office as soon as possible if you still feel unsure and confused. A second opinion is always a good idea.


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