China Opens World’s Largest Aquarium Sets Five Records. A new aquatic theme park in China’s new £484m tourist attraction sets 5 world records and boasts a tank that holds 22.7 million liters of water. This awesome attraction is designed by PGAV Destinations, who made Hong Kong’s Grand Aquarium and the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an, the Ocean Kingdom promises to be the first Asian theme park to merge animal exhibits, themed entertainment shows, and thrill rides.
This is recognized as the largest aquarium on earth, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has also established a world record for having the biggest underwater viewing dome, aquarium tank, aquarium window, and acrylic panel.
The mass tourist attraction which is open to the public now actually a part of Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel, the largest ocean ecological-themed hotel in China. The lovely 1000-meter Grand Canal unites the hotel with the Ocean Kingdom, and visitors can take water taxis that run in between. It took three years to build, is on Hengqin Island, near Macao, and features 7 beautiful theme areas, each representing a part of the ocean, as well as rides, hotels, a 5D cinema, and a circus.
This is the world largest covering 132 hectares and houses 10 whale sharks, as well as tropical spotted dolphins and Chinese white dolphins. It’s a mega project and more than £1.98bn has been invested into the park and hotel, owned by the Chime-Long Group, which runs China’s biggest theme park, Chime-Long Paradise, in Guangzhou.
The result is an unbelievable attraction experience and Guinness World Records is delighted to recognize the five specific world-beating achievements that make it so special.  And breaking any world record is always so special, but to become the world’s largest aquarium needs phenomenal creative vision and massive engineering efforts; said Rowan Simons, President of Guinness World Records Greater China.
It is situated in the Ocean Wonders area of the park, and the Whale Shark Exhibit tank earned four new records including the world’s largest acrylic panel which measures more than 129ftx27ft, and the largest aquarium window. Another prominent feature is the world’s largest underwater tank viewing dome, in fact, has an external diameter of 39ft, where tourists can stroll watching the sea life swimming above them.
The tank itself has a volume of 22.7 million liters of salt water, making it the world’s largest aquarium tank. In January a soft opening was arranged in which the park saw more than 500,000 visitors during the Chinese New Year. Indeed this is a great engineering effort that makes it so special and sets new standards for developed countries.
China Opens World’s Largest Aquarium Sets Five Records
China Opens World’s Largest Aquarium Sets Five Records
World’s Largest Aquarium on Earth 18
World’s Largest Aquarium on Earth 17 World’s Largest Aquarium on Earth 4 World’s Largest Aquarium on Earth 2
World’s Largest Aquarium on Earth 1


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